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OFFICERS FOR 1932-1933 











Gifpord Pinchot, Governor of Pennsylvania 

J. Hampton Moore, Mayor of Philadelphia 

Edwin R. Cox, President of Philadelphia City Council 

Edward T. Stotesbury, President of Fairmount Park Commission 


John F. Braun Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson 

William M. Elkins Eli Kirk Price 

John S.Jenks Edward B. Robinette 

Emory McMichael J. Stogdell Stokes 

Mrs. Arthur V. Meigs George D. Widener 










JOHN S. JENKS, Chairman 
























*The President is ex officio a member of all committees. 










Mrs. Herbert L. Clark 


Mrs. H. Norris Harrison 


Mrs. Sydney E. Martin 


Mrs. Lewis Audenried 
Mrs. Henry A. Berwind, Jr. 
Mrs. Rudolph Blankenburg 
Mrs. William T. Carter 
Mrs. S. Grey Dayton 
Mrs. William A. Dick 
Mrs. FitzEugene Dixon 
Mrs. John T. Dorrance 
Mrs. Russell Duane 
Mrs. Stanley G. Flagg 
Mrs. George H. Frazier 
Mrs. Henry C. Gibson 
Mrs. F. Woodson Hancock 
Mrs. Charles Wolcott Henry 
Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchinson 
Mrs. John S.Jenks 

Mrs. Charles F. Judson 
Mrs. Robert R. Logan 
Mrs. W. Logan MacCoy 
Mrs. John D. McIlhenny 
Mrs. Robert McLean 
Mrs. Richard Waln Meirs 
Mrs. Thornton Oakley 
Mrs. Henry Norris Platt 
Mrs. Eli Kirk Price 
Mrs. Logan Rhoads 
Mrs. C. Shillard-Smith 
Miss Jessie Willcox Smith 
Mrs. John B. Stetson 
Mrs. W. Standley Stokes 
Mrs. P. A. B. Widener, 2nd 
Mrs. C. Stewart Wurts 

honorary members 

Mrs. Edward Browning 
Mrs. Hampton L. Carson 
Miss Margaret Clyde 
Mrs. Henry S. Grove 

Mrs. Arthur V. Meigs 
Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury 
Mrs. William H. Walbaum 
Mrs. Percival Roberts, Jr. 





FISKE KIMBALL, Chief of the Division 
HENRI GABRIEL MARCEAU, Curator of Fine Arts 
BOIES PENROSE, Curator of Prints 
NANCY ANDREWS REATH, Curator of Textiles 
HENRY CLIFFORD, Assistant Curator of Paintings 
ELIZABETH T. PEARSON, Assistant Curator of Prints 
CALVIN S. HATHAWAY, Assistant, Decorative Arts 
ELIZABETH ABEL, Assistant, Installation 

HORACE H. F. JAYNE, Chief of the Division, Curator of Chinese Art 
W. NORMAN BROWN, Curator of Indian Art 
LAURANCE P. ROBERTS, Assistant in Chinese Art 
ERICH SCHMIDT, Field Director of the Joint Expedition in Persia 



WALTER W. S. COOK, Spanish Art RICHARD OFFNER, Italian Art 




THOMAS T. HOOPES, Arms and Armour SAMUEL YELLIN, Metalwork 

F. D. LANGENHEIM, Numismatics 



ROSSITER HOWARD, Chief of the Division of Education 

ESTHER ROLFE, Assistant 

VIOLA FOULKE, School Attache 

MARION A. SHARPS, School Attache 

ARTHUR W. MELTON, Staff Psychologist, 

Research Associate of the American Association of Museums 



ERLING H. PEDERSEN, Assistant to the Director, Staff Architect 

CALVIN S. HATHAWAY, Editor of the Bulletin 

HENRIETTA C. QUINN, Office Manager 

JANE WOLFE, Registrar 



GEORGE C. A. BARBOUR, Superintendent 

LEWIS LIST, Assistant Superintendent, Captain of the Watch 



E. W. FRANCE, Director, Textile Department 

WILLARD P. GRAHAM, Assistant Registrar 

EUGENIE M. FRYER, Librarian 



Costume Design, Dressmaking 

Advertising Design 


Design as Related to Interior Deco- 
ration, Lectures on Elements of 



Lectures, Art Appreciation 

Advanced Drawing from Cast, 
Anatomy Drawing 

Subjects of Teaching 

Drawing from Life 

Design, Advanced Design 

Illustration, Composition, Costumed 
Model in Relation to Illustration 
and Composition 




Drawing, Assistant in Life Drawing 

First Year Drawing from Cast 

Supervisor of Practice Teaching 

Lectures, Interior Decoration Subjects 


Design as Related to Furniture, 
Wood Carving, Pageantry, Stage 
Craft, and History of Costume 

Lectures on History of Furniture and 
History of Costume 


First Year Drawing from Cast 

Instructor, Costume Design 




Lecturer on Raw Materials, Proc- 
esses and Fabrics 

Assistant Director, in Charge of 
Weave Formation, Analysis and 
Structure of Fabrics 


In Charge of Jacquard Design, Draw- 
ing and Color Work 


In Charge of Chemistry, Dyeing and 


Instructor in Charge of Wool Carding 
and Spinning, Worsted Drawing 
and Spinning 

Instructor in Charge of Power Weav- 
ing and Related Branches 


Instructor in Charge of Cotton Card- 
ing and Spinning, Silk Manufac- 
turing and Hosiery Knitting 

Instructor in Charge of Elementary 
Weaving and Related Branches 


Instructor in Weave Formation, 
Analysis and Structure of Fabrics 

Instructor in Jacquard Design and 
Color Work 


Assistant in Charge of Chemistry and 

Instructor in Dyeing and Chemistry 




Instructor in Dyeing, Bleaching and 

Instructor in Materials used in the 
Wool and Worsted Industry 


Instructor in Free-Hand Drawing and 
Figured Design 


Assistant Instructor in Cotton Card- 
ing and Spinning and Hosiery 

Assistant in Wool Carding and 


Worsted Drawing and 


Assistant in Elementary Weaving and 
Related Branches 


Assistant in Power Weaving and 
Related Branches 



To the Members of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art. 
Ladies and Gentlemen: 

The work of the Trustees during the past year has been largely- 
directed to the solution of financial questions rendered most pressing 
by the general economic conditions of the time. 

While the corporation was exceptionally fortunate in finding 
its income from invested funds in no degree diminished, the severe 
curtailment in the appropriations usually received from the public 
authorities toward its support, which occurred suddenly in the 
middle of the corporation's fiscal year and amounted to over $100,000 
per annum, compelled the most drastic reduction in the expenditures 
for maintenance and operation of the four museums and the school 
under the direction of the Trustees. 

Through the zeal and loyal cooperation of every member of the 
staffs and the employees of all the institutions concerned, the emer- 
gency was met and, while this involved substantial reductions in 
salaries and wages for every one and the closing of three of the 
museums for three days a week, the corporation has closed the year 
with the smallest excess of expenditures over operating income 
known for the past five years and the Trustees will be able to balance 
the budget for the ensuing year on a reduced scale of service. 

The reports of the Director of the Museum and of the Principal 
of the School happily show that, notwithstanding the serious finan- 
cial restrictions, in which the friends of the Pennsylvania Museum 
have shared, the accessions to the collections have continued satis- 
factorily during the year and the demand for instruction has been 
steadily maintained and adequately met. 

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Trustees, 

Eli Kirk Price, 




To the President and Trustees of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art. 
I have the honour to present the following report : 

The greatest enrichment of the Museum came with the under- 
taking of Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury to lend for exhibition, 
for an extended period, their very notable collection of works of art, 
to be first shown June 13th. 

The collection lent comprises a very notable series of English 
portraits, works of sculpture, Beauvais tapestries, furniture both 
French and English, Chinese porcelains, several remarkable Ispahan 
and other carpets, and a rich series of English colour prints. 

The paintings, twenty-four in number, include Reynolds' "Miss 
Barwell," no less than nine Romneys, notably the youthful portrait 
of William Beckford and that of the Vernon Children, four portraits 
by Hoppner, including the full length "Tambourine Girl" and seven 
by Lawrence, among them the full length of Mrs. Thompson and 
her son and the two entrancing portraits of the Misses Conyngham. 

The chief tapestries are large ones of the Chinese set designed 
by Frangois Boucher and woven at Beauvais about 1745, in the reign 
of Louis XV. Another fine pair of French tapestries represents a later 
phase of XVIII century style. 

The furniture includes two large sets of tapestry-upholstered 
chairs and sofas. One of these, with the original carved and gilded 
frames, is of the Regence period, the other of the fully developed 
Louis XV, representing the Fables of Aesop. There is also an English 
set of William and Mary armchairs with upholstery of fine antique 
needlework. There is a notable series of tables and commodes, French 
and English, including a magnificent inlaid Boule library table of 
the Louis XIV period, and several antique gilded console tables. 
Among the other pieces are a superb Louis XVI secretary by Riesener, 
greatest of the French ebenistes, and two inlaid Hepplewhite cabi- 
nets used for the display of porcelain. 

The Chinese porcelains include two extremely large pairs of 
temple vases and a number of very fine garnitures and single pieces. 
There is also a remarkable set of birds in Dresden porcelain, formerly 
in the collection of a princely house in Germany. 

The carpets include several XVI century Ispahan — one magnifi- 
cent one of fifty feet in length, and a very fine Savonnerie of the 
Louis XVI period. 


The English colour prints, chosen from a much larger number, 
embrace some thirty representing the most important painters and 
engravers and including a complete set of the "Cries of London" 
regarded as the finest set known. 

Occupying galleries adjoining those of the McFadden and Elkins 
collections, the Stotesbury collection further reinforces the strength 
of the Museum in its exemplification of the great art of the past. 

In the course of the year the Museum, by a series of exhibitions, 
has also notably exemplified contemporary art, which it has for 
many years consistently treated as within its scope: 

November 20 — January 1. "Living artists." Contemporary 
painting and sculpture. 

February 3 — February 10. Diego Rivera. 

February 20 — March 20. "Design for the Machine." Con- 
temporary industrial art. 

March 30 — April 20. Modern architecture. 

April 23 — April 30. International Salon of Photography. 

These exhibitions were organized with the cooperation of the 
Museum's Committee on Modern Art: Messrs. R. Sturgis Ingersoll, 
Adolphe Borie, George Howe, John S. Jenks, Charles R. Richards, 
Carroll S. Tyson, and the Director. 

The first of the exhibitions, an important assemblage, comprised 
the work of a dozen sculptors and some eighty painters, half of them 
American, the others leading members of various foreign schools. 
Each artist was represented by a single invited work, the canvases, 
in many instances, being generously lent by other museums and by 
private collectors. The Museum Bulletin for January contained a 
catalogue of the works and their owners. Contributions toward the 
expense of the exhibition were received from Mrs. John Wintersteen 
and from Wilfred W. Fry. The paintings by British artists selected 
for participation were chosen in London by J. B. Manson of the 
Tate Gallery and transported through the generosity of Sir Joseph 
Duveen. In handling this exhibition and other activities the abilities 
of Mr. Marceau were conspicuously displayed. 

The exhibition of contemporary industrial art was devoted to 
objects of daily use, in quantity production by the machine, chosen 
to emphasize the characteristics of design suited to the machine and 
to illustrate meritorious examples available to the average purchaser 
at small cost. The installation was ingeniously designed by Mr. 
Downs, with the cooperation of members of the American Union of 
Decorative Artists and Craftsmen. The expense was borne by an 
appropriation from the Museum's Art in Industry Fund. 


The architectural exhibition illustrated the work of certain 
European and American architects of radical tendency. Like the 
Riviera exhibition, it was assembled by the Museum of Modern Art 
and directly followed the New York showing. In the housing section, 
at Philadelphia, a number of additional exhibits dealing with local 
conditions were prepared by members of the Architects Associated 
for Model Housing, and others. 

The International Salon of Photography was organized, under 
a strong committee, at the instance of Mr. Youtz, Curator of the 
Sixty-ninth Street Branch of the Museum, at which the exhibition 
was first shown. 

Boies Penrose, Curator of Prints, generously lent from his private 
collection the material for an exhibition of early woodcut books, 
beginning November 25th. It included thirty-two important incuna- 
bula and other books of the greatest beauty and rarity. Many of 
these books remain on loan to the Museum, exhibited in the galleries 
of early Spanish and German art. 

An exhibition under the title "Children through the Centuries," 
May 7 to May 31, brought together the works in the Museum of 
which children were either the subject or the object. A large gallery- 
was hung with portraits and studies of children, a small adjoining 
one showed the furniture, toys, and dolls fashioned for them. 

The gallery containing objects of the Foulc collection not yet 
permanently secured for the Museum was opened to the public for 
the holiday season, December 20 to January 1. 

The round of exhibitions of prints at Memorial Hall was as 
follows : 

October: Prints after the old masters by Ploos van Amstel. 
Lea Collection. 

November: Contemporary etchings. Lea and other collec- 
tions of the Museum. 

December: Engraved portraits after Van Dyck. Lea 

January: Etchings of the XIX Century. Lent by W. S. Pilling. 

February: Engravings by Heinrich Aldegrever. Lea 

March: Engravings and woodcuts by Albrecht Diirer. Lea 

April: The Little Masters. Lea Collection. 

May: Other early German engravings. Lea Collection. 



In spite of the times, the collections of the Museum have still 
been substantially augmented. The total amount paid during the 
year on account of purchases, including earlier commitments, has 
been $147,563. New accessions are summarized below in their 
respective classes, full detailed lists having been published currently 
in the Museum Bulletin. 

Under the will of Miss Lydia Thompson Morris, long a bene- 
factor of the Museum, there have come to it a number of pieces of 
old family silver, various items of antique furniture, some of them 
for the further furnishing of Cedar Grove, and several paintings, 
engravings and other objects of art. 

European and American Art 

Sculpture and Painting 

The Museum was generously offered by the New York Life 
Insurance Company the gift of St. Gaudens' figure of Diana, which 
formerly crowned the tower of Madison Square Garden — one of the 
principal works of the artist. The Fairmount Park Art Association 
cooperated in bringing the figure to Philadelphia and assumed the 
expense of putting it in repair. For the present it has been installed 
at the head of the great stairs in the Museum. 

Mrs. Marjorie Lea Hudson presented a bronze head of an Indian, 
the work of the sculptor Serge Yourievitch. Mrs. Thomas Eakins 
gave, to supplement the Eakins collection, a set of casts from the 
artist's wax models of figures by William Rush. 

Mrs. Edgar V. Seeler presented, in memory of her husband, 
Eakins' full-length portrait of Leslie W. Miller, Principal of the 
School of Industrial Art, 1880-1920. Mrs. B. Brannan Reath, 2nd, 
made gift of a portrait of Betty Campbell Madeira by Adolphe Borie 
— a work valued both for its subject and for its exemplification of 
the work of the artist. A pastel portrait by Leslie G. Cauldwell of 
the late Alexander Harrison was given by Mr. Harrison's heirs. 


William M. Elkins presented five volumes of engravings, includ- 
ing the Boydell Shakespeare gallery and the early publication of 
drawings by Claude Lorraine. 

The Trustees of the estate of Naomi Wood added to their former 
gifts over a thousand prints of the XV-XIX centuries, including 
especially a large group of the French XVIII century illustrators. 


Contemporary etchings and lithographs were given by the Print 
Club of Philadelphia and by an anonymous donor; earlier engravings 
by Miss Bella C. Landauer, Mrs. George W. Jacobs, Jr., and by 
Mr. and Mrs. Minturn T. Wright. 

Decorative Arts 

Before the works in single departments particularized below, 
mention should be made of several groups of objects. 

For the furnishing of our Venetian Gothic room, given, like 
the room itself, in memory of Thomas and Sarah Brooke Dolan by 
their three sons, Thomas J. Dolan, Clarence W. Dolan and H. Yale 
Dolan, we received several beautiful and costly works of the same 
period: a carved and inlaid credenza, two very rare engraved leather 
coffers with metal mounts, and several pieces of choice Venetian 
metal work. These objects, except the credenza, formed parts of the 
Foulc collection and all are of extremely fine quality. 

Mrs. Edward S. Harkness has given a number of rare and valu- 
able bibelots. The most precious is the famous Duplessis miniature 
of Franklin, the gift of Louis XVI, which descended through four 
generations of Franklin's family. There are six interesting items of 
silver, two of goldsmith work, three very fine Louis XV fans, and 
three early English seals. 

Miss Anne Tucker Earp has given a group of interesting objects, 
chief of them being 154 pieces of china by her ancestor, William Ellis 
Tucker of Philadelphia, the pioneer American maker of porcelain. 

The accessions in furniture and woodwork were of the high 
standard maintained for many years. 

As it happened, a number of them were fine antique clocks. 
Mrs. Charles Wolcott Henry gave a very rare English clock with 
carved mahogany case in the style of Chippendale, formerly in the 
Wetherfield collection, a piece which harmonizes so admirably with 
the room from Wrightington Hall in which it stands. George D. 
Widener gave an admirable English XVIII century bracket clock of 
tortoise shell with bronze mounts, the works by Marwick Markham. 
The remarkable Philadelphia Chippendale long-case clock with the 
label and brand of Edward James was purchased from the restricted 
Harrison Fund income, from which was also secured an early walnut 
long-case clock with works by Peter Stretch, which had descended 
in the family of its maker. 

Among articles of furniture of other types were: a Spanish chair 
from the Figdor collection, given by Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson; 
a French Renaissance child's chair, also from the Figdor collection, 
purchased from the Darley Fund income; a carved armorial hall 


bench, English, about 1790, and an early English Gothic chest, 
purchased from the Temple Fund income, and a high-backed English 
Gothic bench, from the Mcllhenny Fund income. 

From the estate of Jeanette G. W. Kelsey came an English arm- 
chair of the type made by Seddon about 1790. Maria Morris Watson 
gave an excellent Louis XVI armchair formerly the property of her 
ancestor Robert Morris; Mrs. Duncan Selfridge added the tapestry 
back originally belonging to this chair. 

Other gifts of furniture and woodwork were received from Mrs. 
Mary Louise Curtis Bok, Mrs. Frederick C. Durant, Miss Jessie 
Moore, J. Stogdell Stokes, and Mrs. William A. Sullivan. 

A very extensive collection of folk pottery, numbering in all 
over five thousand pieces from forty different countries, was presented 
to the Museum by Mrs. Robert W. de Forest, who had assembled it 
over a period of many years. Many of the objects, notably the large 
number from Mexico, were secured in her own wide journeyings. 
Pottery commercially produced or made with the idea of attracting 
foreign buyers was avoided. The result is a systematic collection 
of the traditional art of various peoples, just prior to the inroads of 
modern industrialism. The collection has been installed in a study 
room of its own at Memorial Hall. 

Other gifts of ceramics were received from J. E. Caldwell & 
Company, Mrs. Joseph R. Darling, Mrs. Edward S. Dixon, Miss M. 
Adele Morris, Mrs. Edward S. Sayres, J. Stogdell Stokes, and an 
anonymous donor in memory of Sarah C. Currie. Interesting items of 
ceramics were received by bequest of Emily K. Rittenhouse. 

Several additional pieces of Pennsylvania-German pottery were 
purchased from the restricted Baugh-Barber fund income. 

A gold-brocaded altar-hanging of the Louis XVI period was the 
gift of Mrs. Edgar Scott. Three large lots of early chintzes were 
presented by Mrs. John S. Williams in memory of Mrs. William L. 
McLean. Other gifts of European and American textiles, costume, 
embroidery, or lace came from Mrs. D. Moreau Barringer, Mrs. 
William P. Buffum, Miss Elizabeth B. Ehman, Mrs. Richard M. 
Elliott, Miss Lizette Andrews Fisher, Mrs. A. Park Harris, Miss 
Lucretia Stevens Hecksher, Arthur H. Lea, Miss Katherine R. 
Paxton, Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury, and Miss A. E. Wynne. Inter- 
esting dolls were given by Mrs. Stanley Griswold Flagg and Harry 
L. Tice. 

Beside those bequeathed by Miss Morris, articles of American 
silver were received from Mrs. Hampton L. Carson and Mrs. 
Duncan Selfridge. Other examples of metal work were the gift of 
Mrs. C. Edward Oram, Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson and Charles 


Eastern Art 

Several Persian objects of high quality were added to the 
Museum's rapidly growing collection in that field. Mrs. John D. 
Mcllhenny gave a very fine pottery bottle with relief decoration of 
the XVI century. A. Rabenou presented a pair of large spandrels of 
mosaic faience from the Royal Bazaar, Isfahan, XVI-XVII century, 
and a lustre enamelled tile of the late XIII or early XIV century. 

In Indian art, N. M. Herremeneck gave a collection of twenty- 
eight pieces and fragments of sculpture dating from the first to the 
fifteenth centuries, also two Nepalese manuscripts attributed to the 

XVII century. Mrs. Robert R. Logan presented two silk sari of the 

XVIII century; W. Norman Brown, a silk belt from Hyderabad. 

Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson made gift to the Museum of an 
early Chinese marble bust of a Bodhisattva of very rare quality, 
formerly in the Siren collection. General J. W. N. Munthe, who has 
already enriched the Chinese collection on several occasions, added 
seven album paintings of the Yuan and Ch'ing dynasties (XIV- 
XVIII centuries) and fifteen volumes of wood-block prints. Four 
other unusual wood-block prints were purchased from the Darley 
Fund income. Irma Wetherill Parrish made gift of the Ch'ien Lung 
porcelain vase hitherto lent by her. 

In Japanese art, Miss Elise Biddle Robinson presented a collec- 
tion of over one hundred wood-block prints, and eighteen drawings 
attributed to Torin II; Mrs. Myrl Pope Symond, an actor's wig; 
John S. Jenks, a pottery tile base of Oribeyaki ware; Daniel W. 
Simpkins, two cloisonne vases. 

Gifts by the Museum 

On intimation that the Musee du Louvre would be interested 
to do honour to Thomas Eakins by hanging one of his pictures, the 
Pennsylvania Museum, in accord with the donors of its Eakins 
collection, presented the artist's "Clara" to the Louvre where, we 
are informed, it will be hung with Whistler's ' 'The Artist's Mother. 

The Museum undertook to present to the Philadelphia Society 
for the Preservation of Landmarks, as a first unit toward the restora- 
tion of the Powel House, the woodwork from the front hall in its 


Beside the loans for exhibitions already signalized, the Museum 
received many others which remain in its galleries. 

From Raymond Pitcairn came a group of important mediaeval 
ivories, a number of fine Spanish chests and vargutnas, three large 


Flemish tapestries after the Raphael cartoons, and several other 
objects of fine quality. 

George Horace Lorimer lent a series of six armorial panels of 
XVI century English stained glass from the Chapel at Compton 

From Mrs. John S. Williams, in memory of Mrs. William L. 
McLean, were lent a valuable group of forty-one English and German 
figurines (Chelsea, Chelsea-Derby, Bow, Meissen, etc.), also fourteen 
miniatures, a number of silhouettes, four pieces of English furniture, 
many fine pieces of English and French needlepoint, and other 
interesting objects. 

Various members of the Powel family have united in lending to 
the Museum for display for one year in our Powel room their prin- 
cipal heirlooms, works of art and of the crafts, which belonged to 
Samuel and Elizabeth Willing Powel, its builders. These include 
Joseph Wright's portrait of Washington and other oils, important 
miniatures, magnificent Revolutionary silver, with various items of 
furniture and porcelain. 

Other loans of paintings included a "Lioness" by Delacroix and 
one of Winslow Homer's fine hunting pictures "Left and Right," 
both from Mrs. Randal Morgan, and a portrait of Anne Harrison 
by Charles Willson Peale, from Mrs. Virginia DuBarry Knower. 

Two important groups of American furniture, including many 
rare pieces of Philadelphia Chippendale, were lent anonymously; 
another, by Miss Deborah A. Glover. Mrs. Addison H. Savery placed 
in the Museum, in memory of her late husband, a descendant of the 
maker, the well-known secretary-bookcase made by William Savery 
about 1770. 

Many fine articles of American silver were lent by Evelyn E. 
Willing in memory of Mary Eyre Howell, and by others. 

A complete list of lenders to the Museum during the year is 
appended to this report. 

Loans were made by the Museum during the year for a number 
of important exhibitions elsewhere. 


The Joint Expedition to Persia, in which the Pennsylvania 
Museum of Art is participating with the University Museum, had 
the great good fortune, among other finds of much scientific impor- 
tance, to unearth at Tepe Hissar, near Damghan, the remains of a 
palace of the early Sasanian period, believed to have been built in 
the third century of our era. The principal surviving feature was a 


propylon with large columns and a great arch richly ornamented 
with plaques of cast stucco, the characteristic material of the region. 
In the division of the finds made with the Persian government suffi- 
cient of this material has fallen to our Museum to permit a very 
imposing reconstruction, which will serve as a monumental intro- 
duction to the future oriental section of the display collections. 

The work at Damghan is continuing with the aid of liberal 
further gifts from Mrs. William Boice Thompson and Mrs. William 
H. Moore and of a grant from the American Institute of Persian 
Art and Archaeology. 

As a first permanent unit of the section to be devoted to conti- 
nental European art since the Renaissance, the Louis XVI room 
given by Mrs. Alexander Hamilton Rice is now in process of installa- 
tion. Coming from the house at 13, rue Royale, built on the eve 
of the Revolution by the architect Letellier, this room is of the 
finest and purest beauty and will be a very notable addition to our 
public galleries. 

In the course of the year the galleries at Memorial Hall devoted 
to the arts of India and Japan were handsomely rearranged — in one 
instance by Dr. Brown and Miss Elkins, in the other by Mr. Cate 
and Miss Matsuoka — coincidently with their recataloguing. 

The Division of Education 

In spite of a reduction in staff and the closing of the Museums 
on certain days each week, the number of persons participating in 
the organized educational activities under Mr. Howard substan- 
tially increased. This was notably so in the case of the work for 
children, due largely to the weekly classes of Mrs. Perky of the 
Museum staff, which served admirably to develop the taste and 
interest of selected groups of children, and to the presence in the 
Museum twice a week of Miss Maude Purdie representing the public 
school system of Lower Merion, who guided visits of its school 
classes. Occasional classes from other suburban schools, as well as 
from private and parochial schools, were guided by members of the 
Museum's division staff. 

The cooperation of the Philadelphia public schools under the 
oversight of Mr. Dillaway, their Director of Art Education, con- 
tinued with excellent results. Class visits for about ten thousand 
pupils of the Philadelphia schools were conducted by Miss Foulke 
and Miss Sharps, who also held weekly classes on Monday and 
Wednesday afternoons. A Saturday morning class for school pupils 
was under the conduct of two of the Art Supervisors, Miss Mildred 
Jantzen and Miss Caroline K. Jones. 


Extensive use was also made of the Museum by students of 
higher institutions of learning. 

The formal lectures and gallery-talks for mature visitors had 
likewise continued success. The endowed lectures, supplemented by 
a gift from Mrs. John D. Mcllhenny, were given this year, among 
others, by the following distinguished authorities from abroad: 
Francois Boucher, Hans Tietze, Eugen Gustav Steinhof. 

Through the generosity of Mrs. Mary Louise Curtis Bok the 
scries of Sunday evening concerts by artist students of the Curtis 
Institute was continued under the direction of Louis Bailly. In spite 
of unfavorable weather on some of the five evenings, these concerts 
retained their now established and appreciative public, with a total 
attendance of 11,152. 

The psychological researches on the habits of museum visitors, 
conducted in our Museum by Arthur W. Melton, a research associate 
of the American Association of Museums, under the general over- 
sight of Professor Edward S. Robinson of Yale, have given for the 
first time reliable data on vexed problems of installation and label- 
ling. In some instances these conclusions are in striking opposition 
to suppositions, which have long governed current methods, and 
cannot fail to influence prevailing practices. 

The Library 

The importance of the library in the work of the museum is 
not always sufficiently understood, nor the necessity of substantial 
expenditures for building up its reference collection. From a purely 
material standpoint these might be justified by a familiar advertising 
slogan: "A fraction of your loss on a single ill-considered purchase." 
A work of art offered for purchase by the Museum must be studied 
by the staff historically and comparatively, to determine its quality 
and genuineness, quite as much as through direct observation. 

It is a poignant regret of the Director that with a librarian of 
the competence of Mr. Vanderbilt the Museum has not been able to 
place at his disposal adequate funds, which he would spend so 
economically and to such great advantage. It has been only in 
augmenting the Wilstach Library that he has been at all enabled 
to exercise his talents in acquisition, and this is substantially limited 
to books relevant to painting and sculpture. In the broad field of 
decorative arts it is only by fortunate purchases at a bargain that 
he has been able to keep at all abreast of current need of books, 
even for the pressing daily problems of the staff". 

It might well be thought that the presence nearby of the Free 
Library, with its magnificent art library in Pepper Hall, would 


relieve the Museum of need for any important library of its own. 
We do make the fullest use of the resources of the Free Library, 
under very generous special facilities established by Mr. Ashhurst, 
but the requirements and policies of the two institutions are essen- 
tially distinct. The Free Library, a reference collection for the public, 
has rightly put its strength in works primarily of plates, and works 
in English; the Museum is supplementing these by works primarily 
of text, and works in foreign languages. It cannot have too many, 
nor hope to have half enough. 

During the past year our Library had, among others, two large 
gifts of books. William M. Elkins gave eighty valuable works, 
principally de luxe catalogues of collections; Mrs. Charles Francis 
Griffith gave the sum of $350 for books reproducing manuscript 
illuminations. A full list of donors to the Library is appended. I 
need scarcely say how very much such gifts, whether of books or 
of funds for their purchase, would be appreciated. 

The librarian also exercises oversight over the Museum files of 
photographs and lantern slides kept in the office of the Division of 
Education. To enrich the former Mr. Clifford of our staff generously 
gave $500 which, with an equal sum from Library funds, was devoted 
to the purchase of photographs of Sienese paintings, to the number 
of 6720. These were personally selected in Italy by Mr. Clifford 
last summer. 

The collection of lantern slides was put in admirable order 
through the effective help of Miss Natalie Disston, working chiefly 
as an unpaid volunteer. 

The Registrar's Office 

In spite of the reduction of its paid staff the Registrar's Office, 
under Miss Wolfe's able direction, made great progress in perfecting 
its catalogues of the collections. A notable achievement was the 
completion of the file of locations, done single-handed within the 
year by Miss Frances Richardson, who continued her work some 
months after her employment as Custodian had ceased. Many other 
volunteer workers gave their services in this office or in related 
work: the Misses Lucylle Austin, Margaret Dulles, Frances and 
Gurney Fuguet, M. Radclyffe Furness, Julia Lloyd, Mary Law Starr 
and Elizabeth Wasserman. 

Publications and Sales 

With the energetic activity of our editor, Mr. Hathaway, a 
number of new publications, planned for some time, have now 
appeared. As the first of a series of brochures on special classes of 


objects in our collections three numbers are now ready, dealing with 
Flemish Painting, Dutch Painting, and Philadelphia Chippendale 
Furniture. A new issue of our general Handbook, enlarged to include 
the Mediaeval section, was issued, and the number of postcards and 
colour-reproductions on sale is being rapidly increased. All these are 
financed entirely from sales, which this year had the creditable total 
of $2762.48. 

Photographic Studio 

The photographic studio has also had to finance itself to a 
considerable extent from sales, which realized $1282.55- This was 
accomplished while keeping well abreast of the internal demands of 
the Museum for its record photographs and other needs. 

The Sixty-ninth Street Branch Museum 

Of far-reaching social importance were the results of the first 
year's operation of the branch museum at Sixty-ninth Street. With 
a series of seventeen excellent changing exhibitions in its two compact 
galleries it attracted during the fiscal year 212,483 visitors — an 
astonishing record. Even allowing for the novelty of the enterprise 
and for the extraordinarily able management of Mr. Youtz, one can 
scarcely escape the conclusion that the future growth of museum 
service to the large public is to be sought in the multiplication of 
such branches at similar strategic points. The lessons of decentrali- 
zation and accessibility which it has taught will have to be taken 
into account everywhere in the location and design of museum 

The exhibitions held were as follows: Impressionist Paintings, 
Art in the Schools, Decorative Art in Metal, Landscapes and Marines, 
America of the Early Republic, Paintings in the Modern Idiom, 
Chinese Art, Work of the Delaware County Artists' Association, 
Religious Art of Gothic and Renaissance Europe, Art of the American 
Indian, Paintings by Woodstock Artists, Diego Rivera, Work of the 
Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy, International Salon of 
Photography, Work of Swedish Women Artists, American Industrial 
Art, Work of Delaware County Schools. 

Although such a rapid change of bill, with material of high 
quality and interest, is evidently one of the prime factors of success 
in such an enterprise, too much praise cannot be given Mr. Youtz 
and his staff for the intimate relations established with the public 
and the community, and their constant effective work in artistic 
education through personal contact with individuals and small 
groups of visitors. 


Colonial Houses in Fairmount Park 

An accomplishment of importance, rounding out our series of 
Colonial houses, was the restoration, now substantially complete, 
of the small brick house long supposed to have been that built by 
William Penn in 1682. The house stood until 1883 in Letitia Street. 
The land was conveyed by William Penn to his daughter Letitia in 
1701, the house was probably built between 1703 and 1715- It is 
thus one of the earliest surviving in the city. Funds for the restora- 
tion were generously given by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Paul Busch. The 
work was done under the skilled direction of Mr. Pedersen; the 
charming installation was completed by Mr. Hathaway. 

The furnishings, of the Queen Anne period, have been drawn 
partly from the collections of the Museum, partly from loans kindly 
made by J. Stogdell Stokes. The house was opened to the public on 
May 26th. 

Beside additional antique furniture and accessories for Cedar 
Grove, Miss Morris bequeathed a yearly sum toward the expense of 
its maintenance. 

Miss Millicent Dana gave to the Museum, to be hung at Belmont 
— the home of her ancestor, Richard Peters — an early painting 
showing the house in its original condition; Howell Dundas Pratt 
presented, to be placed at Lemon Hill, an armchair and a Nanking 
plate which belonged to Henry Pratt, who built the house. 

Following the success of last year, the Associate Committee of 
Women, under Mrs. Patterson's chairmanship, held on May 24th 
and 25th two "Colonial Days," during which nine of the restored 
houses in the Park, including the Letitia Street House, were open. 
The occasion attracted a large attendance and, by the treatment 
given to it in several national magazines, drew wide attention to 
the wealth of Philadelphia in Colonial art. 

Operation and Personnel 

The very serious curtailment of the usual appropriation for the 
maintenance of City museums during 1932 involved the sharpest 
retrenchments. The buildings had to be closed, from January, on 
several days each week, the museum at Fairmount being kept open 
Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays; Memorial Hall and 
the Rodin Museum on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. In spite 
of this restriction the total attendance was 843,893. 

The reduced appropriation involved also a general reduction of 
salaries and wages, beside a drastic reduction of personnel and of 
administrative expense — in spite of substantial gifts of money for 
operation from George Horace Lorimer and Miss Mary Coles. 


Many of the staff members whose salaries could no longer be 
carried have generously continued to serve without pay: Boies 
Penrose, Curator of Prints; Elizabeth Pearson, Assistant Curator of 
Prints; Henry Clifford, Assistant Curator of Paintings; W. Norman 
Brown, Curator of Indian Art; Laurance P. Roberts, Assistant in 
Chinese Art, and, to June 1, Miss Elizabeth A. Tryon, Rodin Museum, 
Miss Frances M. Fernald and Miss Natalie Disston, Division of 

Others, including Mr. Pedersen, Assistant to the Director, Miss 
Reath, Curator of Textiles, and Miss Abel, Assistant in Installation, 
had to be put on part time and a number of other valued officers 
released entirely. 

Every effort was made to relieve the situation by securing posi- 
tions elsewhere for members of the staff, including those whom we 
would have been most eager to retain. Mr. Downs, Curator of 
Decorative Arts, and Mr. Newhall, Lecturer, assumed positions in 
the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

In the force of attendants and other employees we were able to 
retain all our people, but, except in a few key positions, only on a 
much reduced part-time basis. 

Heavy burdens fell on the administrative offices. Through reduc- 
tion in clerical assistants, the work of seven persons came ultimately 
on the shoulders of two secretaries, Miss Quinn and Miss Toomey. 
The task of the Office of Buildings, with a constantly changing force 
of part-time employees, became also much more difficult. By the 
devoted work of all, the business of the Museum was effectively 
accomplished without substantial arrears. 

Thus, in the most trying year America has had during the long 
existence of the Museum, the spirit of the staff and of the men 
and women on our force has been beyond all praise. 

Pvespectfully submitted, 

Fiske Kimball, 




ACCESSIONS 1931-1932 

Classes Bequests 

Architectural Details 

Arms and Armour 


Ceramics 20 

Baugh-Barber Fund 

Costumes and Accessories 2 

Crystals, Jades, etc 5 

Dolls and Toys 

Drawings and Water Colours 3 



Glass 1 

Glass (Stained) 

Ivories 4 



Lacquer 4 

Lantern Slides 

Leather Work 


Medals and Coins 

Metal-work 52 

Miniatures 2 

Miscellaneous 2 

Paintings 8 


Prints and Volumes of Prints 6 

Sculpture 3 

Textiles 1 

Woodwork and Furniture 51 

John D. Mcllhenny Fund 

Harrison Fund 

Totals 164 






















































































10,114 3878 14,156 4987 



1931-1932 1930-1931 

Archaeological Objects 273 

Architectural Models, Plans and Photographs 211 

Arms and Armour 11 

Ceramics 378 282 

Costumes 34 

Devotional Objects 65 

Drawings and Water Colours 110 210 

Enamels 9 

Glass 60 319 

Glass (Stained) 6 

Ivories 8 

Jewellery 26 107 

Lacquer 4 16 

Manuscripts 10 57 

Metal-work 304 114 

Miniatures 17 16 

Miscellaneous 203 111 

Paintings 611 100 

Photographs 286 

Prints and Volumes of Prints 810 261 

Sculpture 52 144 

Textiles 324 136 

Wall-paper 33 

Woodwork and Furniture 219 128 

Totals 3990 2075 

Lenders of Objects of Art 384 




Bequests Gifts Purchases Totals 

1932 164 6542 24 6730 

1931 42 3422 32 3496 

Increase over 1931 122 3120 3234 

Decrease from 1931 8 




1932 209 242 451 

1931 89 541 630 

Increase over 1931 120 

Decrease from 1931 299 179 


1932 3363 3362 6725 

1931 50 100 150 

Increase over 1931 3313 3262 6575 

Lantern Slides 

1932 250 250 

1931 22 688 710 

Decrease from 1931 22 438 460 

1930-31 1931-32 

Donors to the Library 39 33 


June 1, 1931 to Mat 31, 1932 

Philadelphia Museum 346,074 

Memorial Hall 189,498 

Rodin Museum 90,975 

Sixty-ninth Street Branch 212,483 

Mount Pleasant 3,152 

Cedar Grove 1,684 

Lctitia Street House (May 26-31) 27 



(Fiscal Years, June 1 — May 31) 

Philadelphia Memorial Flower 69th St. Mount Cedar Letitia 

Museum Hall Shows Branch Pleasant Grove St. House Total 

1922-23 296,497 296,497 

1923-24 311,993 311,993 

1924-25 336,175 85,188 421,363 

1925-26 301,167 112,380 413,547 

1926-27 361,718 19,224 10,570 391,512 

1927-28 222,275 227,928 4,765 3,325 458,293 

1928-29 841,458 237,282 3,962 3,301 1,086,003 

1929-30 793,103 294,433 274,373 2,798 2,265 1,366,972 

1930-31 439,727 370,781 282,532 15,686 2,919 2,228 1,113,873 

1931-32* 346,074 189,498 90,975 212,483 3,152 1,684 27 843,893 

*Museums closed on certain days of the week. 




Lectures Events Attendance 

Mondays 8 1,275 

Tuesdays 9 1,028 

Sundays 27 2,300 

Lectures 44 4,603 

Gallery Talks 

Regular 27 872 

Special 6 218 

Gallery Talks 35 1,090 

Clubs 14 391 

Other Groups 47 1,777 

Self-Conducted 20 263 

Total Adults 158 8,124 


Visits of School Classes 

Under Philadelphia School Attaches 257 9,606 

Under Lower Merion School Attache 32 834 

Under Museum Staff 46 1,115 

Under own teachers 24 661 

359 12,216 

Regular Courses 

Philadelphia Public Schools 102 2,417 

Museum courses 95 1,967 

Other courses 9 108 

206 4,492 

Total Children 565 16,708 

Total in Building 723 24,832 

Outside Lectures 

Adults 13 1,503 

Children 2 445 

15 1,948 

Total Educational Work 738 26,780 

Concerts 5 11,152 



Mrs. D. Moreau Barringer 

Mrs. Edward Bok 

W. Norman Brown 

Mrs. William P. Buffum 

Mrs. Hampton L. Carson 

J. E. Caldwell and Company 

In memory of Sarah C. Currie 

Millicent W. Dana 

Mrs. Joseph Robinson Darling 

Mrs. Robert W. deForest 

Mrs. Edwin S. Dixon 

Thomas J. Dolan, Clarence W. 

Dolan, H. Yale Dolan (In 

memory of Thomas and Sarah 

Brooke Dolan) 
Mrs. Frederick C. Durant 
Mrs. Thomas Eakins 
Anne Tucker Earp 
Elizabeth B. Ehman 
William M. Elkins 
Mrs. Richard M. Elliot 
Frederick H. Evans 
Lizette Andrews Fisher 
Mrs. Stanley Griswold Flagg 
Mrs. Frank Brisbin Foster 
Alexander C. Groome 
Mrs. Edward S. Harkness 
Mrs. E. Park Harris 
Heirs of Alexander Harrison 
Lucretia Stevens Heckscher 
Mrs. Charles Wolcott Henry 
N. M. Heeramaneck 
Mrs. Marjorie Lee Hudson 
Mrs. George W.Jacobs, Jr. 
John S.Jenks 
Estate of Jeanette G. W. 

Fiske Kimball 
George A. Klinges 
Bella C. Landauer 
Arthur H. Lea (in memory of 

Nina Lea) 
Mrs. Charles M. Lea 

Elizabeth Jaudon Lea 
Mrs. Robert R. Logan 
Mrs. John D. McIlhenny 
Percy C. Madeira (in memory of 

Adeline Madeira Doebler) 
Jessie Moore 
J. W. N. Munthe 
The New York Life Insurance 

Mrs. C. Edward Oram 
Irma Wetherill Parrish 
Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson 
Mrs. Theodore Sedgwick Paul 
Katherine R. Paxton 
The Print Club of Philadelphia 
Howell Dundas Pratt 
A. Rabenou 

Mrs. B. Brannan Reath, 2nd 
Elise Biddle Robinson 
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. 
Mrs. Edward S. Sayres 
Mrs. Edgar Scott 
Martha Page Laughlin Seeler 

(in memory of Edgar Viguers 

Mrs. Duncan Selfridge 
Charles Sessler 
Daniel Simkins 
J. Stogdell Stokes 
Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury 
Mrs. William A. Sullivan 
Mrs. Myrl Pope Symond 
Mrs. Arnold G. Talbot 
Harry L. Tice 
Eliza Amanda Tucker 
George D. Widener 
Mrs. John S. Williams (in 

memory of Mrs. William L. 

Estate of Naomi Wood 
Mr. and Mrs. Minturn T. 

A. E. Wynne 



Lydia Thompson Morris Emily K. Rittenhouse 


George Blumenthal 
Adolphe Borie 
Stephan Bourgeois 
J. Solis Cohen 
H. Louis Duhring 
William M. Elkins 


Der Hulst 
Harrold E. Gillingham 
Mrs. Charles Francis Griffith 
josep gudiol i rlcart 
Calvin S. Hathaway 
Hispanic Society of America 
John S.Jenks 
Fiske Kimball 
Bella C. Landauer 
Ludowici-Celadon Company 
Albert E. McVitty 

Marine Research Society 
North German Lloyd 
Oriental Ceramic Society 
Mrs. Henry C. Quinby 
Laurance Roberts 
Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach 
Lessing J. Rosenwald 
Mrs. Edward Stalker Sayres 
Dr. Ernst Steinmann 
Hon. Edward Lowber Stokes 
University of Michigan 
Georges Wildenstein 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Eyre 

Jane Wolfe 
Estate of Naomi Wood 
Philip N. Youtz 

*The Museum exchanges its publications with many other institutions 



(Other than lenders of individual works to Temporary Exhibitions)* 

The American Federation of 

Mme. Maurice Brix 
J. E. Caldwell and Company 
Mrs. Hampton L. Carson 
Mary Roberts Coles 
The College Art Association 

of New York 
Rodney P. Cookman 
Mrs. Frazier Curtis 
The Delaware County 

Artists' Association 
The Delaware County Public 

John Lewis Evans 
Mrs. Frederick Fraley 
Deborah A. Glover 
Mrs. James Russell Harris 
Esther Lloyd Hayward 
John Woodman Higgins 
Benjamin R. Hoffman 
The Trustee of the John G. 

Johnson Collection 
Mrs. Virginia DuBarry 

The La France Art Institute 
The Library Company of 

George Horace Lorimer 
The McClees Galleries 
Mrs. W. Logan MacCoy 
Mrs. Randal Morgan 

The John Morton Memorial 

The Museum of Modern Art 

The Fellowship of the Pennsyl- 
vania Academy of the 
Fine Arts 

Boies Penrose 

The Philadelphia Interna- 
tional Salon of Photography 

William S. Pilling 

Raymond Pitcairn 

Howard Hare Powel 

Mrs. H. W. Hare Powel 

Samuel Powel 

Heirs of Samuel Powel 

T. I. Hare Powel 

The Frank K. M. Rehn 

Elise Biddle Robinson 

Lessing J. Rosen wald 

Mrs. Addison H. SaveryOii 
memory of Addison H. Savery) 

J. Stogdell Stokes 

Benjamin C. Tilghman 

The University Museum 

The Worcester Art Museum 

Samuel S. White, 3rd 

Mrs. John S. Williams (in 
memory of Mrs. William L. 

Evelyn E. Willing (in memory 
of Mary Eyre Howell) 

John Wrench 

*The names of lenders to the exhibitions are listed in the several catalogues of these 



To the President and Trustees of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art: 

In the history of the school there seems no better time than the 
present, while the world trade remains so depressed, to promote and 
improve standards of public taste and to teach the subjects of indus- 
trial art. The future relationship of art to industry will demand the 
best industrial artists — designers conversant and sympathetic with 
the technical problems of the manufacturer in the production of 
textiles, porcelain, glass, metalware, furniture, in fashioning mate- 
rials into costume and in designing in relation to advertising. The 
manufacturer, in matters purely technical, secures the best expert 
advice and has the good judgment to follow it. In matters of appre- 
ciation of art he should have equally expert advice to guide him in 
the matter of taste in colour and design. It is to this end that the 
school is working, to establish a higher level of industrial art, which 
is evidenced in the following reports from the Art School and the 
Textile School. 

Art School 

Some of the outstanding work in the art department during the 

f)ast year, where the relationship of industry to art has been estab- 
ished upon a fine working basis, is from the Advertising Design 
group, the Furniture Design group, the Costume Design group, and 
the Teachers' Training group. 

Under the direction of Mr. Alexey Brodovitch, the students of 
the Advertising Design group are brought to a fine interpretation 
of the meaning of advertising in all of its various psychological 
aspects. The young men and women of this class have had an increas- 
ing demand for the use of their talents and work and have been 
recognized by the leading department stores, publicity companies 
and advertising agencies in Philadelphia and New York. A number 
of students, graduated from this class, have been successful in free- 
lance designing for advertising. Five students had work exhibited 
in the International Exhibition of Packages held in New York dur- 
ing the past winter. Among the many business concerns, that have 
shown special interest in this work and have helped the students to 
see the relationship of art to business concerns, are: 

N. W. Ayer and Son Delineator Institute 

Franexin Printing Company Calkins and Holden, New York 

J. B. Gray Advertising Agency Cunard Line 

La France Institute North German Lloyd 

Gimbel Brothers General Outdoor Advertising 

Blackman Company of New York Lord and Taylor, New York 

Type Foundry and School in Philadelphia Crbativb Arts 

and New York Advertising and Selling 
Advertising Art Magazine 


Under the direction of Mr. Edward Warwick, the students of the 
Furniture Design class gain a fine conception of designing and making 
furniture. In order to produce a piece of furniture the student has 
the experience of making a design, a working drawing, a full-size 
drawing, and finally interpreting the design in wood. A group of 
lectures on the history and development of furniture styles and a 
parallel course in museum research, where actual pieces of fine old 
furniture can be measured and drawn to scale, amplify the theoretical 
side of the course. It is in this study that the student realizes the 
different woods used in making furniture and the proper distribution 
of ornament in relation to structure. A number of houses in Phila- 
delphia containing fine pieces of old furniture and contemporary 
furniture have been opened to the students for study. These visits 
have been of great value in developing an appreciation of fine furni- 
ture in a beautiful environment. It is interesting to note that a 
number of the designers in the Van Sciver Furniture Company have 
graduated from this course. 

Under the direction of Miss Rose Baird, the Costume Design 
class presented a Fashion Show at the Manufacturers' Club in April. 
The showing of gowns made by the students of this class exemplified 
their valuable experience in developing technique, skill, taste in 
colour and line as related to dress and person and in the selection 
of fabrics for the designing of contemporary costume. The students 
are unusually fortunate in having the cooperation of distinguished 
manufacturers who present fabrics to be fashioned in the designs 
shown in the Fashion Show. The manufacturers who have so gener- 
ously contributed to bringing the elements of art and industry 
together in the experiences of the students are: 

Aberfoyle Manufacturing Company 
American Fabrics Company- 
Bellman Brook Bleachery Company 
Sidney Blumenthal and Company 
F. A. Bochmann Company 
Botany Worsted Mills 
Brookside Finishing Company 
Celanese Corporation of America 
Coldron Knitting Company 
Continental Mills 
Cosmo Textile Corporation 

Crompton-Richmond Company 

Dumari Textile Company 

Dutschler, Trull and Justin 

Everfast Fabrics 

Folwell Bros, and Company 

Kingston Textile Corporation 

Lorraine Manufacturing Company 

Ernest Petterffy and Company 

Rossman Bros, and Messner 

Sudanette Company 

Walther Manufacturing Company 

Worcester Knitting Company 

The cooperation of the Cotton Textile Institute of America and of 
the Durene Association of America is also acknowledged with appre- 
ciation. Among the judges for the Fashion Show were Mr. M. D. C. 
Crawford, Research Editor of Women's Wear Magazine, and Miss 
Martha Stout of the editorial staff of Vogue. 


The Senior Teachers' Training group, under the supervision of 
Mrs. Evelyn Pennegar, has been very highly praised by the twenty 
schools where practice teaching has been carried on during the 
past year. 

The new plan developed last year in the drawing classes, which 
introduced a variety of phases of drawing, has given the student a 
wide range in expressing his artistic ability in draftsmanship and 
has been most successful. The drawing from original works of art 
in the Museums, which was done independently and brought to the 
class for criticism, shows that the plan has developed increased 
power in expressing the principles of drawing. 

Miss Edith Emerson, in her talks to the students of the first and 
second year classes on appreciation of art from the subjects of the 
fine arts and the industrial arts, has stimulated the student to think 
more about the relationship between the technique of drawing and 
painting and the qualities of being an artist. 

The exhibition of the Saturday Junior Class work in water 
colour, painting, drawing, design and modeling, which is carried 
on in the School, the Museums of the city, the Zoo and Horticultural 
Hall, was unusually fine in quality of expression. 

Miss Fryer reports as a new interest in the Library, a special 
shelf set aside for books illustrated by former students, which to 
date boasts of nine volumes. Six of these books were purchased 
through the generosity of members of the Associate Committee of 
Women; three were contributed by the illustrators themselves — two 
by Mr. Edward Shenton, one by Mr. Robert W. Crowther. "The 
Life of Abbey" was presented to the Library by the Class of 1931 
as an appreciation. Mr. Thornton Oakley has presented a pen and 
ink drawing, the Chateau of Josselin, which is a great addition to 
the walls of the Library. Forty-two books in all and about one 
hundred and fifty plates have been added to the Library. 

Through the generous interest of the Associate Committee of 
Women, each year prizes and awards are made for outstanding work 
in the School. This year the Committee has created a number of 
group awards which have enabled three students to study in summer 
painting classes and seven students from the first and second year 
classes, who have been outstanding in developing the ideas and 
ideals of the courses arranged, to visit the museums and exhibitions 
in New York. The usual number of individual prizes were awarded 
for special work. One European travelling scholarship has been 
awarded this year. 

During the brief span of four years in the School the student 
may learn one thing well, but through the contrasting of many things 


of his experience he learns to think, to discriminate in his judg- 
ment and taste, and to fit himself for finer artistic expression. 

Textile School 

The Textile School has completed its forty-eighth year of work. 
The student body in the Day School justifies the hope that some 
few years ago prompted the raising of our entrance requirements to 
college entrance level. The day classes included twenty-seven men 
who previously had attended college, seven holding degrees. 

Our aim has continued to be a striving toward the goal set up 
by the Founders — the education of American young men to an 
intelligent application of art to textile products, necessarily includ- 
ing the attainment of a knowledge of the raw materials, their 
chemical composition and dyeing affinities, and the mechanical 
processes that convert them into yarns and fabrics possessed of 
various capacities for embellishment. 

The current exhibition of students' work reflects this ambition 
to a gratifying degree in the well arranged show of textiles displayed. 
Cotton, silk, rayon, wool and worsted, singly and in combination 
fabrics, in dress and suiting materials, coatings, blankets, decorated 
draperies and hangings, both high and subdued in colour, the newly 
popular ginghams and sportswear, as well as materials for various 
accessories, form an array which is outstanding from the point of 
manufacture as well as attractiveness. 

The section devoted to the work of the department of chemistry 
and dyeing embraces examples of tests and experiments, and photo- 
micrographs of textile fibres. On a larger scale, the work of this 
department is reflected throughout the entire exhibition, demon- 
strating the practical results obtained from this very necessary branch 
of the curriculum. 

The mechanical facilities that contribute so decidedly toward 
an understanding of the mediums, with which the student must 
work in developing the fabrics, have been considerably increased 
and improved, largely through the generosity of friends among the 
manufacturers. Over fifty textile firms have, by contributions of their 
products, aided in the keeping down of the general expense account. 
In addition to these, the Sauquoit Silk Manufacturing Company 
(through Mr. Walter Rossmassler), through a reorganization of their 
plants, found it possible to present four silk winders and one silk 
warper, representing an original outlay of about $2500. The Collins 
and Aikman Corporation of Philadelphia supplied the School, at a 
merely nominal cost, with a specially constructed plush power loom 
for single width products — valuable to us because hitherto we had 


no loom representing this important branch of the textile industry. 
The flexibility of our general weaving equipment was brought to a 
higher plane through the kindness of the John Williams Manufac- 
turing Company and Julius A. Gebauer Company, who aided us to 
secure ten Crompton and Knowles 4x4 box, 20-harness looms. The 
dyeing department also has gained by the gift of a new type of Top 
Dyeing Machine, also a Steam and Air Circulating Machine, by the 
Longclose Engineering Company of Leeds, England. 

Worthy of more than passing note is the continued confidence 
reposed in the School by our Federal Government, evidenced by its 
having this year enrolled in our regular courses of study a captain 
and a lieutenant of the Army Quartermaster Corps, a lieutenant- 
commander and a lieutenant of the Naval Supply Corps, and a 
sergeant of the Marine Quartermaster Corps. For some years past 
we have had one or more officers assigned to us, to the evident 
satisfaction of these governmental agencies. The Army has profited 
through the ability of Lieutenant Harry Kirsner (Class of 1927) who 
has, in addition to revising specifications and vastly improving its 
textiles and methods of procurement, developed a new type of 
blanket, a new type of summer uniform cloth, and even now is 
working, with the cooperation of the School, toward an entirely 
new idea in the manufacture of chevrons. 

In presenting this, my review of the year, it gives me great 
pleasure to express my appreciation of the fine support of the Trustees 
and of the Associate Committee of Women, the staff, faculty, and 
students, in making the past seven years rich in the development of 
the principles of art in relation to industry. 

Edmondson Hussey, 
June 13, 1932 Principal. 



For the Fiscal Year ended May 31, 19 $z 


State of Pennsylvania Contribution $ 37,500.00 

City of Philadelphia Contribution 25,000.00 

Commissioners of Fairmount Park on 

account Maintenance of Museums 138,875-32 

Contributions for Maintenance 22,800.00 

Income from Endowments and 

Unrestricted Museum Funds 61,482.63 

Membership Dues 25,660.00 

Tuition Fees 145,204.00 

Interest on Bank Balances 230.72 


Due from State of Pennsylvania May 31, 1932 12,500.00 

Due from Commissioners of Fairmount Park, 

May 31, 1932 8,176.33 

Excess of Expenditures 13,274.50 



Museum Maintenance $217,884.09 

School Maintenance 184,819-34 

Administration, Interest and Insurance . . . 88,000.07 





Cash on Hand and in Bank $ 70,535-31 

Real Estate (cost) $550,778.99 

Less Mortgage 500,000.00 


Investments (cost) 1,988,761.89 

Due by State of Pennsylvania 12,500.00 

Due by Commissioners of Fairmount 
Park. 8,176.33 


Balance 189,575-13 



Endowment Funds $2,051,376.13 

Miscellaneous Funds 36,951-52 

Temporary Loans 232,000.00 


We have examined the books and accounts of the Pennsylvania 
Museum of Art for the year ending May 31, 1932, and we hereby 
certify that the foregoing Report of the Treasurer and the Statement 
of Assets and Liabilities correctly set forth the true financial position 
of the Institution as of that date. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Chas. C. Hunziker, 

Certified Public Accountant. 
June 7, 1932. 



To the President and Board of Trustees: 

The two outstanding events in connection with this year's work 
of the Associate Committee of Women were the Eleventh Annual 
Spring Fashion Show and "Colonial Days." 

The Fashion Show gave satisfactory evidence of the ability of 
the students in the designing and fashioning of costumes in the 
modes of the hour, making it, as usual, a significant event in the 
fashion calendar of the city. Almost all of the 106 costumes shown 
this spring were made of fabrics given by manufacturers, whose 
interest, cultivated by members of the Associate Committee, has 
been stronger than ever. We were fortunate this year in having for 
judges not only those ladies prominent in social life and leading 
modistes who have often served in this capacity, but also, Miss 
Martha Stout, an associate editor of Vogue, and Mr. M. D. C. Craw- 
ford, one of the editors of Women s Wear Daily, a large and important 
New York trade paper. 

On May 24th and 25th the Associate Committee celebrated 
"Colonial Days." In addition to the eight houses which were open 
last spring, another, Letitia Street House, was opened to the public 
for the first time completely furnished. At each of the houses the 
members of this Committee received in the costume of the period 
of the house. In commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Birth of 
George Washington a pageant was arranged in connection with 
"Colonial Days." "George Washington" and the "Marquis de 
Lafayette" visited places with which they were familiar. They 
traveled in a coach, actually used by Lafayette on his visit to America 
in 1824-1825, and were escorted by the Second City Troop. At Mount 
Pleasant a minuet was danced in their honour by eighteen young 
ladies. Mrs. Berwind secured excellent publicity for the celebration 
in Good Housekeeping, Town and Country and The Ladies' Home Journal. 

From our observation and study of the work of the students in 
the school we are happy to report constant progress. 

The work in the properties room has grown and developed 
steadily and is serving each department of the school. The generosity 
of the Associate Committee of Women has made possible the pur- 
chase of three costumes and several draperies and articles for still-life 
work. The constant and unending need of things is being more and 
more realized, and individual members of the Women's Committee 
and of the faculty are helping to meet it. Among those who have 


made outstanding gifts this year are: Mrs. William A. Dick, Mrs. 
Henry C. Gibson, Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson, Mrs. Eli Kirk Price, 
Miss Jessie Willcox Smith and Miss Margaretta S. Hinchman. 

The Committee has responded generously to the fund for the 
annual prizes to be awarded in June at the Commencement. The 
prizes are awarded to students of marked ability, as well as for 
merit of work. In the past, the most outstanding awards have been 
those which enabled the students to travel in Europe, to visit New 
York City, and to paint in summer classes. 

The Library has been enriched by the addition of books illus- 
trated by former students of the school. Some have been purchased 
by a special fund created by members of the Associate Committee of 
Women; others were presented by their illustrators — Edward Shenton 
and Robert Crowther. "The Life of Abbey" has been received as a 
gift from the class of 1931 in appreciation of the library. Especial 
thanks are due to Mrs. Price, Mrs. Meigs, Mrs. Rhoads, Mrs. 
Nichols and Mr. Warwick; also to Dr. James C. Miller of the Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania who presented two books on education of value 
to the Teachers' Training classes. The attendance at the Library has 
been about 10,000 for the school year. 

The Students' League House closed its twenty-third year of 
service on May 26th. The Chairman and Committees for the League 
House wish to express their satisfaction and appreciation for another 
year of good work finished, due to the thoughtful care and unceasing 
effort ofthe efficient and able House Mother, who succeeds in making 
throughout the year a happy, home-like atmosphere in the League 

Respectfully submitted, 

Elizabeth Conway Clark, 

Corresponding Secretary. 




Benefactors, who contribute or bequeath $25,000 or more to the 

Patrons, who contribute or bequeath $5,000 to the Corporation. 

Fellows, who contribute $1,000 at one time. 

Life Members, who contribute $500 at one time. 

Associates, who contribute $250 a year. 

Sustaining Members, who contribute $100 a year. 

Contributing Members, who contribute $25 a year. 

Annual Members, who contribute $10 a year. 

Any person may be elected a Benefactor, Patron, Fellow or Life 
Member, who shall have made a gift to an amount requisite for 
admission to the respective class, and an Honorary Benefactor, 
Honorary Patron or Honorary Fellow, who shall have made a loan 
of an important work of art or collection of a value equal to the 
gift of the corresponding class of members of the Corporation. 

Benefactors, Patrons, Fellows and Life Members are not liable 
to annual dues. 

All funds received from Benefactors, Patrons, Fellows and Life 
Members are permanently invested as part of the Endowment Fund, 
unless otherwise requested by the donor. 



Benefactors, Patrons and Fellows are enrolled in perpetuity. 
The names of those deceased are indicated by italics. 


Baugh, Margaret L. 

Bok, Mary Louise Curtis 

Bowman, Elizabeth Malcolm 

Brock, Alice G. 

Carnegie Corporation 

Chandler, Percy M. 

Clark, Edward W. 

Curtis, Cyrus H. K. 

Darlet, Francis F. S. 

Dolfinger, Henry 

Eakins, Susan Macdowell 

Elkins, William M. 

Frishmuth, Sarah S. 

General Education Board 

Gibson, Mary K. 

Harding, Dorothea Barney 

Helme, William E. 

Henry, Mrs. Charles Wolcott 

Janney, Walter C. 

Jenks, John Stort 

Johnson, Eldridge Reeves 

Keehmle, M. Theresa 

Lea, Charlotte Augusta 

Lorimer, George Horace 

Ludihgtok, Charles H. 

Magee, James R. 

Martin, John C. 

McIlhennt, Johk D. 

McLean, William L. 

Moore, Clara J. 

Morris, Ltdia Thompson 

Rice, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton 

Robinette, Edward B. 

Shippeh, Elizabeth Swift 

Sinkler, Wharton 

Sinkler, Mrs. Wharton 

Stokes, J. Stogdell 

Taylor, Roland L. 

Temple, Joseph E. 

Warden, William G. 

Weightman, William 

Widener, George D. 

Williams, Mary Adeline 

Wood, William 


Dixon, FitzEugene Parsons, Ella 

Dixon, Mrs. FitzEugene Pitcairn, Raymond 

Garvan, Francis P. Stotesbury, Edward T. 

Garvan, Mrs. Francis P. Stotesbury, Mrs. Edward T. 

Williams, Mary A. 


Baird, John 
Barton, Susan R. 
Berwind, Harry A. 
Bispham, George Tucker 
Blanchard, Anna 
Blanchard Harriet 

Bodine, Samuel T. 
Bok, Edward 
Braun, John F. 
Brown, Henry I. 
Brown, Mrs. John A., Jr. 
Browning, Mrs. Edward 


PATRONS (Continued) 

Busch, Henry Paul 
Carson, Mrs. Hampton L. 
Cheston, Radcliffe, Jr. 
Cheston, Mrs. Radcliffe, Jr. 
Childs, George W. 
Clark, Clarence M. 
Collet, Mark Wilkes 
Collins, Philip S. 
Combs, Mary A. 
Cramp, Mrs. Theodore W. 
Crane, John A. 
Cressoh, James H. 
deForest, Mrs. Robert W. 
Dick, William A. 
Dick, Mrs. William A. 
Disston, Henry and Sons 
Dobbihs, Mart A. 
Dolan, Clarence W. 
Dolan, H. Yale 
Dolan, Isabelle W. 
Dolan, Thomas 
Drexel, A. J. 
Drexel, F. A. 

Flagg, Stanley Griswold 
Foster, Frank B. 
Foster, Mrs. Frank B. 
Fuguet, Howard 
Garrett, Julia 
Garrett, W. £., Jr. 
Gibson, Henrt C. 
Gibson, Henry C. 


Griscom, Rodman E. 
Harkness, Mrs. Edward S. 
Harrison, Fmilt Lelahd 
Harrison, Thomas Skeltoh 
Helme, Mrs. William E. 
Henry, Mrs. J. Norman 
Hoffman, Benjamin R. 
Houstoh, H. H. 
Ingersoll, Charles E. 
Janney, Mrs. Walter C. 
Jenks, John S. 
Kent, A. Atwater 

Kent, Mrs. A. Atwater 

Larner, Chester W. 

Laughlin, Anne Irwin 

Lauchlih, Henrt A. 

Lea, Henrt C. 

Lea, 7s(ina 

Leiper, Mrs. James G., Jr. 

Lewis, Francis W. 

Lippincott, Agnes 

Lippincott, Walter 

Ludington, Wright S. 

Madeira, Betty Campbell 

Macee, Fannie S. 

Martin, Mrs. John C. 

McCarthy, John A. 

McFadden, George 

McFadden, John H. 

McIlhenny, Mrs. John D. 

Meigs, Mrs. Arthur V. 

Morris, John T. 

Morris, Samuel Wheeler 

Munthe, General J. W. N. 

J<[eumah, Charles V. 

Nichols, Mrs. H. S. Prentiss 

Page, Louis Rodman 

Patterson, Mrs. Frank Thorne 

Pell, Alfred Du ane 

Penrose, Boies 

Poe, Mrs. Edgar Allan 

Price, Eli Kirk 

Purves, Elizabeth Gilkison 

Rea, Mary M. Black 

Rea, Samuel 

Ritchie, Craig D. 

Roberts, Mrs. Howard 

Rockefeller, John D., Jr. 

Rosen wald, Lessing J. 

Scott, Anna D. 

Seabrease, >{. M. 

Search, Theodore C. 

Seeler, Edgar V. 

Seeler, Mrs. Edgar V. 

Simpson, Alex., Jr. 

Smith, Albert L. 


Smith, Mrs. Alfred Pbrcival 
Smith, Mrs. C. Morton 
Smith, Edward B., Jr. 
Smith, Geoffrey S. 
Smith, John Story 
Smith, W. Hinckle 
Starr, Isaac Tatnall 
Sullivan, James F. 
Sulzberger, Mater 
Tatlor, Mart E. 

PATRONS (Continued) 

Tyler, Mrs. John J. 
Tyson, Carroll S., Jr. 
Tyson, Mrs. Carroll S., Jb 
Wasserman, Joseph 
Whitney, A. and Sons 
Williams, Mrs. Charles F. 
Wister, Sabine d'Invilliers 
Wister, Sarah Ttler 
Wolf, Morris 


First Baptist Church of 

duPont, Henry F. 
Fleisher, Walter A. 
Lewis, John Frederick 
Numismatic and Antiquarian 

Society of Philadelphia 

Powel, T. I. Hare 
Robinson, Elise Biddle 
Rotan, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Scott, Mary Howard Sturgis 
Steel, Mrs. Alfred G. B. 
Stout, C. Frederick C. 
Stout, Mrs. C. Frederick C. 

Widener, Joseph E. 


Allen, Laura 

Armstrong, F. Wallis 

Artman, Caroline Foerderer 

Austin, Lucylle 

Baird, Mrs. Edgar Wright 

Baker, Mrs. Samuel M. 

Ballard, Ellis Ames 

Battles, Frank 

Beeber, Dimmer 

Belfield, T. Broom 

Belmont, E. A. 

Benson, Mrs. Edwin N., Jr. 

Berwind, Mrs. Henry A. 

Bettle, Mrs. Samuel 

Biddle, Mrs. Arthur 

Blair, Andrew 

Blair, Mrs. Andrew 

Bochman, Charles F. 

Bockius, Morris R. 

Bond, Charles 

Bowen, Samuel B. 

Boyd, William 

Bracken, Francis B. 
Brown, James Crosbt 
Brubaker, Mrs. Albert P. 
Bullitt, Orville H. 
Burnham, Mrs. George, Jr. 
Cardeza, Charlotte D. M. 
Carruth, John G. 
Carson, Hampton L. 
Carter, Mrs. William T. 
Cassatt, Gardner 
Cassatt, Robert K. 
Chamberlin, William B. 
Coleman, Fanny B. 
Coles, Mary Roberts 
Colton, Mrs. Sabin W., Jr. 
Coxe, Mrs. Alexander Brown 
Coxe, Mrs. Henry Brinton 
Crane, T. I. 
Crane, Mrs. Theron I. 
Curtin, William Wilson 
Davis, Mrs. Charles P. 
Dat, Charles C. 


FELLOWS (Continued') 

Day, Mrs. Charles C. 
deSchauensee, Mrs. Rodolphe 
Dickson, Arthur G. 
Dixon, Mrs. Samuel G. 


Dorrance, Mrs. John T. 

duPoht, Bertha Tatlor 

duPont, Lammot 

duPont, Pierre S. 

duPont, Mrs. Pierre S. 

Earle, Mrs. George H., Jr. 

Eisenlohr, Charles J. 

Evans, Ralph B. 

Fels, Samuel S. 

Fisher, Edith T. 

Flagg, Mrs. Stanley G. 

Frazier, George Harrison 

Frazier, Mrs. George Harrison 

Fry, Wilfred W. 

Fuller, Walter D. 

Fuller, Mrs. Walter D. 

Fuller, Mrs. William A. M. 

Gates, Thomas S. 

Geist, Clarence H. 

Gest, William P. 

Gibson, Mrs. Henry C. 

Greenfield, Albert M. 

Gribbel, John 

Griswold, Mrs. Frank Tracey 

Groome, Mrs. John C. 

Hallahan, Walter J. 

Hart, Charles D. 

Hart, Mary M. 

Hatfield, Henry Reed 

Henson, Edward F. 

Hinchman, Mrs. Charles S. 


Hocklet, Amelia D. 
Hopkinson, Edward, Jr. 
Horn, Joseph V. 
Horner, Samuel, Jr. 
Hubbard, Mrs. Henry V. 
Huff, Mrs. George F. 
Humphreys, Letitia 

Hutchinson, Mrs. Joseph B. 
Hutchinson, Sydney E. 
Ingersoll, Henry McKean 
Ingersoll, R. Sturgis 
Jayne, Mrs. Henry LaBarre 
Jayne, Horace H. F. 
Jenkins, Charles F. 
Johnson, Alba B. 
Johnson, Mrs. Edwin J. 
Johnson, Mary Warner 
Keen, Edwin F. 
Kuehnle, C. Albert 
Ladd, Mrs. Westray 
Lavino, E. J. 
Lea, Arthur H. 
Lea, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Lee, Henry Livingston 
Leeds, Morris E. 
Lippincott, J. Bertram 
Lippincott, Mrs. J. Bertram 
Loeb, Arthur 
Mansure, Edmund L. 
Mason, John H., Sr. 
Mason, Rebecca P. Stevehsoh 
McClatchy, John H. 
McCreary, Mrs. George D. 
McFadden, J. Franklin 
McGill, Mary E. 
McMichael, Emory 
McMurtrie, Ellen 
McVitty, Albert E. 
Meirs, Mrs. Richard Waln 
Mercer, William R. 
Mercer, Mrs. William R. 
Morgan, Frances B. W. 
Morris, Lawrence J. 
Morris, Mrs. Samuel Wheeler 
Moss, Frank H. 
Moss, Mrs. Frank H. 
Munson, George S. 
Munson, Mrs. George S. 
Newbold, Arthur E., Jr. 
Newton, A. Edward 
Norton, Mrs. Nathaniel R. 


FELLOWS (Continued*) 

Peck, Staunton B. 
Peck, Mrs. Staunton B. 
Pell, Cornelia Livingston 
Price, Warwick James 
Prime, Mrs. Alfred C. 
Randolph, Anna 
Reath, Mrs. B. Brannon, ind 
Rebmann, Godfrey 
Rebmann, Mrs. Godfrey 
Reifsntder, Howard 
Reillt, George 
Roberts, Mrs. Edward 
Robins, Thomas 


Roosevelt, Nicholas G. 
Rosenbach, A. S. W. 
Rosenbach, Philip H. 


Santa Eulalia, Couhtess Eliza- 
beth de 
Saunders, William L., ind 
Saunders, Mrs. William L., ind 
Simon, Edward P. 
Sinkler, Caroline S. 
Sinkler, Mrs. James M. R. 
Smith, Lewis Lawrehce 
Starr, Mrs. Isaac Tatnall 
Stengel, Mrs. Alfred 
Stewart, W. Plunkett 

Stimson, Anna K. 

Stokes, Mrs. J. Stogdell 

Stotesbury, Mrs. Edward T. 

Strawbridge, Frederic H. 

Strawbridge, Mrs. Frederic H. 

Sullivan, John J. 

Thomson, Anne 

Thomson, Mrs. Frank Graham 

Thomson, Walter S. 

Townsend, Mrs. David 

Tubize Artificial Silk Co. 

VanDyke, J. W. 

Van Sciver, George D. 

Vaux, Henry Pepper 

Vaux, Mrs. Henry Pepper 

Wainwright, F. King 

Waller, Mrs. Littleton W. T., Jr. 

Wanamaker, Rodman 

Ward, T. Johnson 

Warriher, Samuel D. 

Williams, David E. 

Williams, John B. 

Wills, Mrs. William M. 

Windrim, John T. 

Wurts, Mrs. C. Stewart 

Yarnall, Charlton 

Yarnall, Mrs. Charlton 

Yeatman, Mrs. Pope 

Zimmermann, John E. 


Barringer, Daniel M. 
Borie, Adolphe 
Cadwalader, Mary H. F 
Davis, Bernard 
Easby, Mrs. John H. 
Harrison, H. Norris 
Harrison, John, Jr. 
Hayward, Nathan 
Hayward, Mrs. Nathan 
Kuhn, C. Hartman 
Lea, Elizabeth Jaudon 
Lea, Van Antwerp 

McIlhenny, Henry P. 
Newbold, Clement B. 
Pennsylvania Hospital 
Pitcairn, Theodore 
Smith, Esther Morton 
Society of the Sons of 

St. George 
Tilghman, Benjamin C. 
Wells, Helen Douw 
Williams, Mrs. John S. 
Wistar, Frances A. 
Wister, Owen 
Yellin, Samuel 



Abbott, Yarnall 

Allen, Joseph 

Audenried, Mrs. Lewis 

Baeder, Adamson & Co. 

Baily, Albert L. 

Barney, Charles D. 

Barney, James W. 

Battles, H. H. 

Battles, Mrs. H. H. 

Beard wood, Mrs. Joseph T. 

Beck, Adele M. 

Bein, August 

Bell, Mrs. Samuel Howard, Jr. 

Blaetz, Jacob H. 

Blakiston, Kenneth M. 

Blakiston, Mary 

Bland, Pascal Brooke 

Bland, Mrs. Pascal Brooke 

Boericke, Gideon 

Boger & Crawford 

Bok, Cary William 

Bower, Frank B. 

Bower, William H. 

Brazier, E. Josephine 

Bready, Edwin F. 

Breck, Mrs. William Roger 

Brengle, Henry G. 

Brock, Henry G. 

Bromley, John 

Bryant, Henry G. 

Budd, Edward G. 

Busch, Mrs. Henry Paul 

Busch, Miers 

Butcher, Henry C. 

Butcher, Mrs. Henry C. 

Butler, Mrs. Edgar H. 

Caldwell, J. E. & Co. 

Campbell, Milton 

Canby, W. Marriott 

Canby, Mrs. W. Marriott 

Capp, Seth Bunker 

Carpenter, Aaron E. 

Catherwood, Mrs. D. B. Cumins 

Chase, Mrs. Mary Justice 

Clapp, Mrs. B. Frank 

Clark, Charles D. 

Clark, Walton 

Clark, Mrs. Walton 

Clarke, Louis S. 

Cochran, M. 

Coleman, Edward R. 

Collins, Alfred M. 

Collins, Mrs. P. S. 

Cope, Caroline E. 

Crosby, Everett U. 

D'Ascenzo, Nicola 

Day, Mrs. Richard H. 

De La Cour, J. Carl 

De La Cour, Mrs. J. Carl 

Dilks, Walter H. 

Dilks, Mrs. Walter H. 

Dobson, John and James, Inc. 

Dodge, Mrs. James Mapes 

Dreer, Mrs. William F. 

Drexel, Mrs. John R. 

Drinker, Henry S., Jr. 

Duhring, Mrs. Henry 

dupont denemours, e. i. & co. 

Dwier, W. Kirkland 

Eagleson, John 

Easby, Mrs. William H. 

Eddystone Mfg. Co. 

Elkins, George W., Jr. 

Ellis, Mrs. William Struthers 

Eshner, Augustus A. 

Evans, Charles 

Evans, Lena Cadwalader 

Evans, Thomas 

Evans, Mrs. Thomas 

Eyre, Mrs. Laurence 

Fay, Leonard A. 

Fels, Mrs. Samuel S. 

Fisher, Maud 

Fleisher, Arthur A. 

Ford, Mrs. Bruce 

Foulkrod, Mrs. John J., Jr. 

Fromuth, August G. 

Galloway, Walter B. 


LIFE MEMBERS (Continued) 

Garrett, Mrs. Walter 
Gest, Mrs. John Marshall 
Geyelin, Mrs. Emile C. 
Greene, Mrs. William Houston 
Griscom, Frances C. 
Grove, Mrs. Henry S. 
Groves, Mrs. F. Stanley, Jr. 
Hacker, Mrs. Caspar W. 
Halstead, Mrs. David 
Harper, William Warner 
Harper, Mrs. William Warner 
Harrison, George L. 
Harrison, Henry Norris 
Harrison, John, Jr. 
Harvey, J. S. C. 
Harvey, Mrs. J. S. C. 
Harvey, R. Wistar 
Heimerdinger, Leo H. 
Heppe, Florence J. 
Hetzel, George C. 
Hill, George W. 
Hinchman, Anne 
Hires, Charles E. 
Hoffman, Mrs. J. Ogden 
Holton, J. S. W. 
Horn & Hard art Baking Co. 
Horrocks, Chas. M. & J. Howard 
Horstmann, William H. 

Ingersoll, Mrs. Charles E. 
Ingersoll, Charles Jared 
Irwin, H. DeWitt 
Jackson, Albert Atlee 
Jackson, Mrs. Albert Atlee 
Jarden, Mrs. Mary Templin 
Jayne, David & Sons, Inc. 
Johnson, Mrs. George K. 
Johnson, Herbert 
Johnson, R. Winder 
Justi, Henry M. 
Keen, Mrs. Edwin F. 
Keen, Florence 
Kennedy, John M., Jr. 
Ketterlinus, J. Louis 

Klauder, Charles, Z. 
Klebansky, Mrs. Wolf 
Kohn, Harry E. 
Kohn, Irving 

Krumbhaar, Mrs. Edward B. 
Landenberger, J. William 
Leisenring, Edward B. 
Lewis, Mrs. John Frederick 
Lewis, Richard A. 
Lloyd, Malcolm, Jr. 
Loeb, Mrs. Herman 
Logan, Mrs. Robert R. 
Louchheim, Jerome H. 
Lowry, John C. 
Ludlow, Benjamin H. 
MacCoy, W. Logan 
MacCoy, Mrs. W. Logan 
MacNeill, William 
Madeira, Louis C. & Sons 
Martin, Mrs. Sydney E. 
Mason, Jane Graham 
Matteossian, Mrs. Herant 

May, Mrs. Joseph 
McCahan, William J., Jr. 
McLanahan, M. Hawley 
McMichael, Mrs. Emory 
McNeely, Florence 
McNeely, Mrs. Robert K. 
McOwen, Frederick 
Meigs, Arthur I. 
Mertz, Mrs. Oscar E. 
Mertz, Oscar E., Jr. 
Miles, Thomas H. 
Miller, Mrs. E. Clarence 
Millville Mfg. Co. 
Milne, David 
Minds, John H. 
Montgomery, Robert L. 
Montgomery, Mrs. Robert L. 
Moore, Mrs. Amory C. 
Moore, Clarence B. 
Morris, Effingham B. 
Morton, Mrs. Arthur V. 


LIFE MEMBERS (Continued) 

Newbold, Mrs. John S. 
Newton, Mrs. A. Edward 
Newton, E. Swift 
Newton, Mrs. Jewett B. 
Oehrle Brothers 
Oliver Knitting Co. 
Olsen, Tinius, Sr. 
Peck, Arthur 
Perot, T. Morris, Jr. 
Pitcairn, Raymond 
Powers, Thomas Harris 
Proctor and Schwartz 
Provident Trust Co. 
Quaker Lace Co. 
Robbins, George A. 
Roberts, Mrs. Charles 
Roberts, George Brinton 
Roberts, Mrs. George Brinton 
Robins, Mrs. Thomas 
Robinson, Anthony Wayne 
rossmassler, walter h. 
Ryan, James J. 
Schmidt, Charles E. 
schoettle, edwin j. 
Scholes, William, Sons, Inc. 
Schwehn, Harry J. 
Segal, Adolph 
Semple, Helen 
Sewall, Arthur W. 
Sewall, Mrs. Arthur W. 
Smith, Henry C. 
Smith, Horace Eugene 
Smith, J. Willison 
Smith, Mrs. Jacqueline H. 
Smith, Mrs. Lewis Lawrence 
Spink, William 
Steel Heddle Mfg. Co. 
Steele, Joseph M. 

Stewardson, Emlyn L. 
Stokes, Mrs. Horace 
Stork, Mrs. Theophilus B. 
Sullivan, James J. 
Supplee- Wills-Jones Milk Co. 
Sutro, Paul E. 
Sykes Brothers, Inc. 
Taft, Elihu B. 
Taylor, John C. 
Thayer, Mrs. Sydney 
Thomas, T. Lewis 
Thropp, Mrs. Joseph E. 
Todd, Mrs. Forde Anderson 
Tonner, Mrs. William T. 
Townsend, John Barnes 
Townsend, Mrs. John Barnes 
Townsend, Pauline B. 
Tyler, Sidney F. 
Vaughan, Charles P. 
Vaughan, Mrs. Ira 
Wagner, Samuel 
Warner, Langdon 
Weimer, Albert B. 
Welsh, Francis Ralston 
Wetherill and Brother 
Whitall, Tatum Co. 
White, Thomas Raeburn 
White, Mrs. Thomas Raeburn 
Williams, Mrs. David E. 
Williams, Parker S. 
Wistar, J. Morris 
Wood, Mrs. Charles Martin 
Wood, Mrs. Richard D. 
Wood, Walter 
Woodward, Mrs. George 
Wriggins, Charles C. 
Wright, Mrs. Raymond D. B. 
Wyatt, Mrs. Walter S. 

Zimmerman, Mason W. 



Fairmount Park Art Association 
Roberts, Mrs. Percival, Jr. 
Stead-Miller Company 

Wetherill, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Wood, Edward Randolph 
Wurts, Robert Kennedy 


Abbott's Dairies, Inc. 
Aitkin, A. King 
Bachman, Mr. and Mrs. 

Frank H. 
Bains, E. 

Bates, Daniel Moore 
Biddle, Mr. and Mrs. 

James G. 
Bloch, Arthur 
Bodine, William W. 
Bolles, Mrs. E. M. 
Bonnell, Mrs. Henry H. 
Bromley, Henry S. 
Brown, Landy B. 
Brownell, Eleanor O. 
Burlap, Martin 
Campbell, John J. 
Clothier, Isaac H., Jr. 
Collins, Mrs. Henry L., Jr. 
Converse, Mary E. 
Cooke, Mrs. Morris 

Crozer, George K., Jr. 
Cunningham, Wilfred H. 
Curran, Mrs. George W. 
Cuyler, Mrs. T. DeWitt 
Davis, Charles N. 
Dearnley, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Degn, William L. 
Dingee, Mrs. J. H. 
Dixon, Mrs. C. G. 
Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. 

Donald D. 
Drexel, Mrs. George W. 

Dykeman & Loeb 
Fearon, Charles 
Felin, William E. 
Fischer, A. Koerting 
Fisher, Howard W. 
Fisher, Mrs. Thomas 
Foerderer, Percival E. 
Freeman, Mrs. Samuel M. 
Freund, Rudolph 


Manufacturing Company 
Garrett, R. E. 
Gates, Jay 
Gibbs Underwear 

Goodell, E. P. 
Griscom, William B. 
Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. 

George E. 
Haines, Mrs. William H. 
Hart, Mrs. Charles 

Hastings, Mrs. Robert E. 
Henderson, Mrs. Samuel J. 
Hiester, Mrs. Isaac 
Howland, Alice G. 
Ingersoll, Jeannie H. 
Ionic Mills 
Jeanes, Mrs. Isaac W. 
Jones, Frederick T. 
Kaufmann, Morris 
Kelleyjohn A., Jr. 
Kerr, Mrs. George M. 
Kind, Hermine 
Knox, Charles C. 
Lansdale, Mrs. W. Moylan 
Leas, Mrs. Donald Stewart 
Legge, Percy A. 
Leighton, A. O. 
Leighton, Mrs. A. O. 
Lewis, Mrs. Saunders, Jr. 
Lewis, Theodore J. 
Ley, Mrs. Harold G. 
Lippincott, C. Carroll 
Logan Investment Society 
Ludington, C. Townsend 
Ludington, Mrs. C. 

MacCoy, M. Helen 
Markoe, Mrs. John 
Martz, H. R. 
McCarthy, Edith 
McCurdy, Mrs. Josephine B. 

McKinley, Richard S. 
McQuillcn, Daniel N. 
Mellor, Norman 
Mitchell, Allen R. and Sons 
Molthon, E. H. 
Montgomery, William J. 
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. 

C. E. 3rd 
Morris, E. H. 
Morris, H. C. 
Moss Rose Manufacturing 

Newbold, Eugene S. 
Parker, Robert B. 
Peirce, Wilmot Grant 
Peirce, Mrs. Wilmot Grant 
Pepper, William 
Pew, J. Howard 
Pew, Mrs. Mary C. 
Phelps, Henry Frank 
Posey, William Campbell 
Quinn, Richard Lewis 
Reilly, Mrs. John 
Rhoads, William G. 
Richards, Samuel Bartram 
Rivinus, E. F. 
Rosenbach Galleries, The 
Samuel, Frank 
Sauveur, Franklin D. 
Schmidt, Mrs. Edward A. 
Shedaker, Mrs. C. Ardley 
Simon, Mrs. Stephen J. 
Snowden, F. Laird 
Snowden, Mrs. George G. 
Sproul.John R. 
Sprowles, Edwin G. 
Stroud, Mrs. Morris 

Thompson, Mrs. Arthur W. 
Thomson, Anne, Jr. 
Tily, Herbert J. 
Trainer, Joseph C. 
Turner, John S. 
VonHiller, Baroness 


Warden, Mrs. Clarence A. 
Wentz, Mrs. Daniel B. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Walter S. 
Whitall, Mrs. John M. 

Whiteley and Collier Wilson, W. Reynolds 

Willard, Mrs. De Forest P. Winsor, Mrs. James D. 

Willcox, James M. Wood, Clement B. 

Wilmsen, Bernard Wood, Marion Biddle 

Abbott, Francis L. 
Abbott, Frank R. 
Abbott, Gertrude 
Abbott, J. Herman 
Aberle, Harry C. 
Abmeyer, Gustav W. E. 
Abrahams, Robert D. 
Academy of the New- 
Church Library 
Accurate Addressing Co. 
Achuff, Robert P. 
Acker, Mrs. Finley 
Acton, Kesniel C. 
Adams, John Stokes 
Adamson, Mrs. C. B. 
Addams, Mrs. Homer 
Addis, Leonard M. 
Addison, W. H. F. 
Adelhelm,John S. 
Adger, Willian 
Adler, Cyrus 
Adler, Francis Heed 
Aertsen, Mrs. Guilliaem, Jr. 
Agnew, J. A. 
Albrecht, Emil P. 
Albrecht, H. Carl 
Alden, E. H. 
Alexander, Benjamin 
Alexander, Edward T. 
Alexander, Mrs. Helen V. 
Alexander, Mrs. Jas. Leon 
Alexander, Paul 
Alfaro, Heraclio 
Algase, Charles G. 
Alleman, Gellert 
Allen, A. Rushton 
Allen, Clifford P., Jr. 
Allen, Curtis 
Allen, Eugene Y. 
Allen, Mrs. Frederick H. 
Allen, Mrs. Frederick V. 
Allen, Mrs. Maria McKean 
Allen, Mrs. R. W. Pomeroy 
Allen, William I. 
Allen, William J. P. 
Allen, William N. 
Allman, Robert J. 
Aloe, Edward L. 
Alpcrn, Max 


Altmaier, Carl Lewis 
Amadouni, Yervant V. 
Ambler, Mr. and Mrs. 

Harry S., Jr. 
Ames, Mrs. Winslow 
Amos, Harry M. 
Amram, Philip W. 
Amsterdam, Philip 
Anathan, Mrs. Louis 
Ancker, Mrs. Laurence L. 
Andersen, William 
Anderson, Mrs. Alfred B. 
Anderson, Claude J. K. 
Anderson, E. H. 
Anderson, Mrs. Edward A. 
Anderson, Frederic R. 
Anderson, Harriet 
Anderson, Harvey 
Anderson, James R. 
Anderson, Mrs. John F. 
Anderson, Mrs. Matthew 
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. 

Anderson, W. M. 
Anderson, Mrs. William 

Anderson, William S. 
Andrews, Schofield 
Andruss, W. A. 
Andrussier, I. 
Antrim, Mrs. Harold T. 
Apel, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Appel, George F. Baer 
Appel, Kenneth E. 
Archer, Adrian P. 
Archer, Mrs. F. Morse 
Archer, Wilbur L., Jr. 
Argentierc.Jos. R. 
Armistead, Mrs. George A. 
Armistead, Mrs. S. G. 
Armistead, Mrs. W. M. 
Armitage, Clyde F. 
Armstrong, Mrs. F. Wallis 
Armstrong, George W. 
Arndt, Chas. Henry 
Arneth, Joseph A. 
Arnold, Mrs. M. Edwin 
Arnold, Nancy 
Arnold, Mrs. Paul M. 

Arrup, Olga M. 
Asam, Henry 
Ashbridge, Emily R. 
Ashbrook, Mrs. Joseph 
Ashbrook, Roland C. 
Ashbrook, Mrs. Wm. S. 
Ashhurst, Harriet 
Ashhurst, Mrs. Samuel 
Ashman, Mrs. Charles T. 
Ashton, George T. 
Ashton, Mrs. Leonard 
Ashton, Mrs. Thomas G. 
Aspden, Mrs. Newton J. 
Aspel, Joseph 
Asquith, Mrs. Samuel H. 
Astley, Mrs. G. Mason 
Atkinson, Elizabeth A. 
Atkinson, Gertrude 
Atkinson, James H. 
Atkinson, Thomas H. 
Atkinson, W. C. 
Atkiss, William 
Atwood, Mrs. John C, Jr. 
Austin, Mrs. Esmonde H. 
Austin, Richard L. 
Avery, Mrs. Thomas 
Axclrod, G.J. 
Aydelott, Frank 
Babbjohn W. 
Babbitt, Niles S. 
Babcock, Mrs. Charles H. 
Babcock, Mrs. W. Wayne 
Bacharach, Mrs. Jessie Oren 
Bache, Mrs. Franklin 
Bache, Margaret H. 
Bachman, DeForest L. 
Bachman, Mrs. Ivan C. 
Bachofer, J. Louis 
Bacon, Mrs. Albert E. 
Bacon, Mrs. C. C. 
Bacon, Ellis W. 
Bacon, Mrs. Francis L. 
Badenhausen, Phillips 
Badger, Herbert L. 
Baer,B. F.Jr. 
Bahr, A. W. 
Bagley, Helen A. 
Bailey, Edward P. 
Bailey, Frank M. 


Bailey, James B. 
Bailey, Mrs. James B. 
Bailey, Raymond H. 
Baily, Mrs. Theodore L. 
Bainbridge, Henry Clay 
Bains, Erskine 
Baird, Edgar W. 
Baird, Joseph 
Baird, Mrs. Matthew, Jr. 
Baker, Mrs. Franklin, Jr. 
Baker, Mrs. Louis C, Jr. 
Baker, Mrs. Samuel H. 
Baker, William Spohn 
Baker, Mrs. William Spohn 
Balch, Mrs. Edwin Swift 
Balderston, Mrs. H. L. 
Baldi, Vito M. 
Baldwin, Kate W. 
Baldy, Hurley, Jr. 
Ball, Alfred J. 
Ball, Thomas H. 
Ballard, Mrs. Ellis Ames 
Ballard, Frederic Lyman 
Ballinger, Robert I. 
Banes, Mrs. Walter D. 
Barclay, Mrs. William 

Bardenheuer, L. 
Bardsley, Walter R. 
Baringer, Milton F. 
Barish, Joseph 
Barker, James M. 
Barker, Mrs. James M. 
Barker, Rodman 
Barker, Walter C. 
Barnard, E. P. 
Barnes, George Emerson 
Barnes, Mrs. John Hampton 
Barnes, Sarah 
Barney, Mrs. Marion G. 
Baron, A. 
Barr, Charles R. 
Barr, Florence K. 
Barr, Mrs. James W. 
Barratt, Alfred 
Barrows, Mrs. Sydney Biddle 
Barry, Mrs. David S., Jr. 
Barrymore Seamless 

Wiltons, Inc. 
Bartlett, Martha 
Bartley, Ruth R. 
Bartol, Eleanor G. 
Bartol, Mary Grier 
Barton, Mrs. H. H., Jr. 
Baruch, Mrs. Fernand 

Bass, Joseph H. 
Bateman, T. H. 
Bates, Mrs. Frederick H. 
Bathe, Mrs. Greville J. 
Baton, H. E. 
Bauer, Russell J. 
Baugh, Helene A. 
Baugh, Pierce A. 
Baum.John A. 
Baxter, C. C. 
Bayard, Elise Gill 
Bayfield, Mrs. Arthur F. 
Bayliss, Charles W. 
Beach, Edward W. 
Beale, Constance R. 
Beale, Leonard T. 
Beamish, Mary F. 
Beard, Marcia L. 
Beath, E. R. 
Beaton, William F. 
Beatty, Lawrence R. 
Beaumont, Charles O. 
Bechmann, Mrs. William 
Beck, Charles W., Jr. 
Beck, Thomas J. 
Becker, Abraham J. 
Becker, Gustav 
Becker, I. G. 
Beckurts, Chas. Lewis 
Bedford, J. Claude 
Beerwald, Benjamin D. 
Beggs, Mrs. Elizabeth C. K. 
Beidler, Elsie S. 
Bein, Amelia E. 
Belding, Mrs. Wm. Squire 
Bell, Albert T. 
Bell, C. Edward 
Bell, C. Herbert 
Bell, Howard J. 
Bell, J. Percy 
Bell, Mrs. James McK. 
Bell, John Cromwell 
Bell, Samuel, Jr. 
Belmont, L. A. 
Belmont, Leo 
Benedict, Henry H. 
Bennett, Mary A. 
Bennett, Mary H. 
Bennett, Stanley 
Benson, Mrs. James F. 
Benson, R. Dale, Jr. 
Bent, Mrs. Quincy 
Benvignati, Mario 
Benzc, C. Theodore 
Berens, Bernard B. 
Berg, Adolph 
Berger, M. Russell 

Berkelbachjohn S. 
Berlin, Mrs. Mabel M. 
Bernhard, Joseph 
Bernheimer, L. G. 
Berrisford, Mrs. Arthur L. 
Berry, Sarah 
Berry, Mrs. Thomas J. 
Bert, James B. 
Bertolette, Helen 
Berwind, Mrs. Charles G. 
Berwind, Mrs. Henry A., Jr. 
Besson, Adele V. 
Beta Gamma Sigma Sorority 
Bethal, Mrs. Harry S. 
Bettison, William Reese 
Betz, W. H. 
Beury, Charles E. 
Bickel, Charles E.,Sr. 
Bickel, M. L. 
Biddle, Mrs. Charles 
Biddle, Christine 
Biddle, Mrs. Clement 
Biddle, Edith F. 
Biddle, Edward 
Biddle, Edward M. 
Biddle, Mrs. Edward W. 
Biddle, Mrs. George 
Biddle, Livingston L. 
Biddle, Robert 
Biederman, Louis 
Biernbaum, John Windrim 
Bigelow, Frederick S. 
Biles, Mrs. George H. 
Billett, Edward 
Birdsall, Joseph C. 
Bisbort, Louis A. 
Bishop, Abigail 
Bishop, Hope L. 
Bishop, James C. 
Bishop, Mrs. Philip 
Bishop, William 
Bisler.G. A., Jr. 
Bisseggar, Marjorie 
Bissell, E. Perot 
Black, Bertha 
Blackburne, Mrs. John S. 
Blake, Mrs. Sidney S. 
Blakeley, Mrs. Marshall 
Blakiston, Emma 
Blankenburg, Mrs. Rudolph 
Blankley, William W. 
Blechschmidt, Jules 
Bliss, Louis B. 
Bloch, Mrs. Bernard 
Block, Mrs. Gordon A. 
Bloomfield, Mrs. 
Maximilian D. 


Blum, Mrs. Herman 
Blumcnthal, Mrs. Jacob 
Blumenthal, Mr. and Mrs. 

Blumcnthal, Moses L. 
Blynn, Mrs. Lucy M. 
Boccella, Vincent 
Bodine, S. Laurence 
Boericke, Johanna M. 
Boericke, Mrs. John J. 
Boettner, Mrs. Grace C. 
Bohlen, Francis H. 
Bok, W. Curtis 
Bok, Mrs. W. Curtis 
Bole, Mrs. John Clark 
Bond, Earl D. 
Boner, Mrs. Mary H. 
Bonner, John J. 
Bonsall, Alice R. 
Bonsall, Edward H. 
Bonsall, Rodney T. 
Boothroyd, Walter C. 
Borda, C. A. 
Borden, Mrs. James B. 
Boric, Charles L.,Jr. 
Borie, Mr. and Mrs. 

Henry P. 
Bortel, Samuel B. 
Borthwick, Ralph C. 
Borton, C. Walter 
Borton, Mrs. G. W. 
Bosch, Fred J. 
Bosler, Mrs. Lester C. 
Bostwick, Mrs. George A. 
Botting, Clarke T. 
Boulden, C. C. 
Bowcn, Samuel S. 
Bower, Mrs. George R. 
Bower, John K. 
Bower, John L. 
Bowie, Pauline D. 
Bowman, C. Horace 
Boyce, Henry S. 
Boyce, Muriel Woodroffe 
Boyd, Elsie M. 
Boyd, Lily M. 
Boyer, Mrs. Francis 
Boyer, Mrs. Henry C. 
Bradbury, Mrs. Samuel 
Bradford, F. M. 
Bradley, Mrs. John A. 
Bradley, Mrs. William N. 
Brady, W. T. 
Braley, Elizabeth W. 
Branin, Dorothy A. 
Brannen, Alfred J. 
Brannen, Laurence 

Branson, Thomas F. 
Branson, Mrs. Thomas F. 
Brasington, Elizabeth H. 
Braun, Mrs. Evelyn 

Braun, William, Jr. 
Bray, Mrs. Daniel 
Brazer, Clarence W. 
Brazier, Mrs. H. Bartol 
Brcgy, Mrs. Caroline Harrah 
Brehman, A. Balfour 
Breisch, Mrs. Annie M. 
Breneman, Joseph T. 
Bretz, Carl A. 
Brewer, Franklin N. 
Breyer, Henry W. 
Brice, C. Fred 
Brice, Mrs. C. Fred 
Bright, Anna Linn 
Bright, John Irwin 
Bright, W. Stanley 
Brill, Mrs. Edward 
Brill, Frederic W. 
Brinkmann, Leon 
Brinton, Clarence C. 
Brinton, Francis D. 
Brinton, Mrs. Joseph Hill 
Brinton, R. L. 
Brinton, Walter 
Brinton, Mrs. Walter 
Brister, Mrs. Elizabeth B. 
Britton, Mrs. A. D. 
Brock, Elizabeth N. 
Brock, Mrs. Horace 
Brodsky, Harry 
Brody, Louis 
Brogden, Joah 
Bromley, Charles S., Jr. 
Brooke, Mrs. George 
Brooke-Halsey, K. B. 
Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. 

Robert E. 
Brooks, A.J. 
Brooks, Alfred M. 
Brooks, Mrs. Harvene R. 
Broomall, Mrs. Harold S. 
Broughal, Dennis J. 
Brown, Andrew V. 
Brown, Mrs. Arthur Emlen 
Brown, Mrs. C. M. 
Brown, Clarence M. 
Brown, Claude P. 
Brown, Dee Carlton 
Brown, Elizabeth S. 
Brown, Everett H., Jr. 
Brown, F. G. 
Brown, Mrs. Francis Shunk 

Brown, Henry Tatnall 
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. 

Brown, Jay H. 
Brown, Paul G. 
Brown, Mrs. Richard P. 
Brown, Mrs. Samuel B. 
Brown, Mrs. T. Wistar, 3rd 
Brown, William Findlay 
Brown, Mrs. Wilson H. 
Browne, J. A. 
Browning, Mrs. Edward 
Bruen, Catherine A. 
Brumbaugh, G. Edwin 
Brunker, Robert J. 
Bruson, Mrs. H. A. 
Bryant, Mrs. William 
Buchholz, Carl D. 
Buchholz, R. F. 
Buckley, Edward S., Jr. 
Buckley, Walter W. 
Budd, Edward G., Jr. 
Buell, Frances M. 
Buffum, Mrs. William P. 
Bullard, Alfred 
Bullard, Hope F. 
Bullitt, Margaret E. 
Bullitt, Mrs. Orville H. 
Bullock, Mrs. Benjamin 
Bullock, Mrs. Horace 
Bunker, Mr. and Mrs. 

George H. 
Bunting, Mrs. James A. 
Burgin, Mr. and Mrs. 

Samuel S. 
Burk, Henry 
Burnham, E. Lewis 
Burnham, Mrs. George, 3rd 
Burns, Robert 
Burnshaw, Mildred R. 
Burr, Charles W. 
Burroughs, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Bursk, Robert G. 
Burt, Edith B. 
Burt, M. Theodora 
Burton, Mrs. Alfred 
Bush-Brown, James 
Bushnell, Joseph, Jr. 
Bushong, Mrs. M. E. 
Butcher, Mrs. Howard, Jr. 
Buten, Harry 
Butler, Mrs. Charles 

Noble, Sr. 
Butler, Mrs. George T. 
Butler, Mrs. Laurance 
Butterworth, Albert W. 
Butterworth, Henry W. 


Button, Mrs. Joseph Priestly 
Buzby, Ethel M. 
Bye, Arthur Edwin 
Byrnes, William C. 
Cabeen, Frank A., Jr. 
Cadwalader, Mrs. Lambert 
Cadwalader, Sophie 
Cadwalader, Mrs. William B. 
Cahn, Tillman 
Cain, W.J. 
Caldwell, Mrs. James 

Calkins, Frederic H. 
Calvert, Wallace A. 
Calwell, Mrs. Charles S. 
Calwell, Eleanor 
Camero, Blanche 
Campbell, Cora A. 
Campbell, Mrs. Mason 
Campbell, Mrs. Milton 
Campion, Mrs. H. Clifford 
Campion, Horace T. 
Caner, Mrs. Harrison K. 
Cardeza, T. D. M. 
Cam wath, James 
Carpenter, Mrs. Charles E. 
Carpenter, Mrs. Hamilton D. 
Carpenter, Horace T. 
Carpenter, John T. 
Carpenter, Lucien B. 
Carr, Mrs. Charles D. 
Carr, Henry Ashley 
Carr, William A. 
Carre, Frank L. 
Carroll, Mrs. Mary 
Carroll, Peter F. 
Carruthers, Mary R. 
Carson, John T. 
Carson, Joseph 
Carson, Robert 
Carson, Mrs. T. Nevin 
Carter, Mrs. Charles L. 
Carter, Mrs. James Newman 
Carter, Wm. B. 

Carwither, Mrs. VanCourt 
Cary, Egbert S. 
Casey, Francis Yarnall 
Casey, James P. 
Castor, Horace W. 
Cauffman, Mr. and Mrs. 

George J. 
Caverly, Robert B. 
Cay wood, Harry 
Chadwick, Mrs. E. F. 
Chamberlain, W. Edward 

Chambers, Blanche Arnold 
Chambers, Francis T. 
Chambers, Francis T., Jr. 
Chambers, Mrs. Francis 

Chambers, George E. 
Chambers, J. Howard 
Chance, E. M. 
Chandlec, Edward E. 
Chandler, Mrs. George F. 
Chandler, Mrs. Nancy K. 
Channell, Mary A. 
Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. 

Chapman, Mrs. T. Hudson 
Chase, Mrs. Philip 
Cherry, John G. 
Cheston, Mrs. J. Hamilton 
Chew, David S. B. 
Chew, Elizabeth B. 
Childs, Alonzo Potter 
Chorley, Mrs. Sarah E. 
Christensen, Adolph 
Christian, A. W. 
Christian, Edward D. 
Christie, Albert E. 
Chrystie, Walter 
Church, Mrs. Edgar 
Church, Herbert 
Church, Mrs. Herbert 
Claffy, Louis K. 
Clair, Mrs. Maurice 
Clapp, Mrs. Algernon R. 
Clark, Bertha 
Clark, Clarence H. 
Clark, Mrs. Clarence H. 
Clark, E.W., Jr. 
Clark, Mrs. Edward Walter 
Clark, Edward Walter, 3rd 
Clark, Mrs. Edward 

Winslow, 3rd 
Clark, Herbert L. 
Clark, Mrs. Herbert L. 
Clark, Mrs. John G. 
Clark, Joseph S. 
Clark, Mrs. Joseph S. 
Clark, Joseph S.,Jr. 
Clark, Lewis Neilson 
Clark, Percy H. 
Clark, Mrs. Scott 
Clarke, A. Vinton 
Clarke, Charles H. 
Clarke, Jacob Orie 
Clarke, James E. 
Clarke, John Murdoch 
Clattenburg, A. E. 
Claybcrger, B. Frank, Jr. 

Clayton, Paul 
Clegg.John William 
Clemencc, Victor B. 
Clemens, Mrs. Frank G. 
Clement, Mr. and Mrs. 

John Stokes 
Clement, M. W. 
Clement, Mrs. Samuel 

Clement, Samuel M., 3rd 
Clerf, Louis H. 
Clifton, Mrs. Gorham 
Clopp, B. V. 

Closson, James Harwood 
Clothier, Mrs. Clarkson 
Clothier, Mrs. Isaac 

Clothier, Mr. and Mrs. 

Morris L. 
Clothier, Mrs. Walter 
Cluett, George A. 
Clyde, Mrs. Ben j.F. 
Clyde, Margaret 
Coale, Edith S. 
Coane, Mrs. Robert, Sr. 
Coatcs, Mrs. J. Lloyd 
Coates, William M. 
Cobbctt, Alfred H. 
Cobden, Mrs. A. B. 
Cochrane, Katherine L. 
Coenen, Margaret 
Coggeshall, Mrs. T. 

Cohen, William 
Colahan, John B., 3rd 
Colahan, Mrs. John B., 3rd 
Colarossi, Alessandro G. 
Cole, Harry C. 
Coleman, Philip F. 
Coles, Mrs. George W. 
Coles, Mrs. Strieker 
Coley, Walter R. 
Colgate, Mrs. J. J. 
Colket, Mrs. C. Howard 
Colket, E. Burton 
Colket, Tristram C, 2nd 
Collier, John J. 
Collings, Mrs. Walter N. 
Collingwood, Jennie 
Collins, David J. 
Collins, Mrs. David J. 
Collins, Mrs. Edward H. 
Collins, Henry L. 
Collins, James S. 
Collins, Mrs. John Hall 
Collins, Mrs. Raymond A. 
Combes, Horace M. 


Comfort, W. W. 
Comly, Catherine F. 
Comly, Emma Ridgway 
Conkling, S. O. 
Conlan, Mrs. Walter A. 
Conlcn, William J. 
Connell, Horatio 
Connelly, Mrs. John P. 
Connett, Mrs. Harold 
Connor, John J. 
Connor, T. Edward 
Connor, William T. 
Cook, Mrs. Chester P. 
Cook, E. W. 
Cook, Gustavus W. 
Cooke, George J. 
Cooke, Mrs. George J. 
Cooke, Harry H. 
Cooke, Mrs. Jay, Jr. 
Cooke, Mrs. Jay, 2nd 
Cooper, Mrs. A. Gardiner 
Cooper, Maurice J. 
Cooper, Nathaniel F. 
Cooper, Walter I. 
Cooper, William 
Cooper, William A. 
Cope, Elizabeth M. 
Cope, Thomas A. 
Coppin, Mrs. M. E. 

Corey, William B. 
Cornell, Howard E. 
Corson, Mrs. Newton W. 
Costa, John S. 
Costain, Thomas B. 
Cottrell, Esther S. 
Coulston, Charles Woods 
Cover, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. 
Coward, Mrs. Joseph 
Cowperthwait, Charles T. 
Coxe, Mrs. Charles E. 
Coxe, Herman Wells 
Coxe, J. Alfred 
Coxe, Whitwell W. 
Coxe, Mrs. Whitwell W. 
Coyle.John J. 
Cozens, Henrietta 
Craig, Mary H. 
Crain, Mrs. Edmond 

Cramp, Norman W. 
Crane, A. Ross 
Crawford, Mrs. Alexander L. 
Crawford, Miss H.Jean 

Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. 

Crease, Mrs. Orlando 
Credo, Charles F. 
Creighton, Edward B. 
Creskoff, A.Jere. 
Cresson, Mrs. Caleb 
Cress well, Mrs. Charles T. 
Cret, Paul P. 
Crittenden, Mrs. Wm. J. 
Croft, Frank P. 
Croft, Samuel G. 
Cronin, Charles I. 
Crosby, Arthur U. 
Cross, Edgar G. 
Cross, Mrs. S. H. 
Crossan, Mrs. Edward T. 
Crothers, Samuel 
Crowder, Emma A. 
Crozier, Mrs. David E. 
Culver, Mrs. Theodore B. 
Cummins, C. 
Cummings, Howard C. 
Cunningham, Alan Craig 
Curran, James 
Currie, Mr. and Mrs. 

Charles A. 
Curtin, Mrs. William W. 
Curtiss, Elliott 
Cutler, Walter P. 
Dalcourt, Clementine 
Dale, Edward C. 
Dales, E. Lewis 
Dallam, Mrs. John L. 
Dallas, Mrs. George M. 
Dalton, William J. 
Dana, Mrs. Charles E. 
Dana, Millicent W. 
Daniel, John C. 
Daniels, Mrs. Annie M. 
Dannenbaum, Harry M. 
Dannenbaum, Hermann 
Darlington, Mrs. Jos. G. 
Darnell, Alfred E. 
Dashiell, Mrs. Phillip T. 
Davenport, Mrs. Russell W. 
David, Mrs. Edward W. 
Davidge, Carrie 
Davids, Richard W. 
Davidson, James B. 
Davidson, William G. 
Da vies, George C. 
Davis, Bernard 
Davis, Edna C. 
Davis, Edward 
Davis, Mrs. Edward 
Davis, Eleanor Bushnell 

Davis, H. L., Jr. 
Davis, Harry C. 
Davis, Mrs. Isaac R. 
Davis, Jenness H. 
Davis, Joseph A. 
Davis, Kenneth F. 
Davis, M. Elizabeth 
Davis, Mrs. Robert Hare 
Davis, Russell S. 
Davis, Mrs. S. Boyer 
Davis, W.John 
Davis, William H. 
Davison, Mrs. William 

Dawes, James H. 
Dawson, George Walter 
Dawson, Thomas and 

Day, Charles C. 
Day, Mrs. Frank Miles 
Dayton, Mrs. S. Grey 
Deacon, Benjamin 
Deacon, Benjamin Harold 
Dean, Georgeanna F. 
Dearden, Mrs. E. Chapin 
Deats, E. Richard 
Deaver, Mrs. John B. 
deBakhtiar, Boris 
deCerkez, Mrs. Demetrius T. 
DeChant, Clement W. 
Dechert, Mrs. Henry T. 
Dechert, Robert 
Decker, T. Frank 
Decourscy, Emily 
Deering, Edith 
Deeter, Paxson 
Deitch, Harry 
Deitz, George W. 
DeKozlowski, Mrs. Maryan 
DeKrafft, William 
Delany, Mabel Gertrude 
Delaplaine, Henry 
DeLaurentis, Joseph 
Delbert, Simon, Jr. 
Delcher, Irving B. 
deLima, Mrs. Miriam E. A. 
Delk, Mrs. Elizabeth Giles 
DeLong, E. F. 
DeLong, Frank E. 
DeLong, Warren B. 
Delta Finishing Company 
DeLuca, Charles 
Denby, Charles, Jr. 
Denckla, Paul 
Deneen, Nan 
Denn, Howard H. 


Denney.J. M. 
Denney, William F., Sr. 
Dennison, G. Herbert 
deRabot.J. L. 
Dercum, Mrs. Francis X. 
Dermody, R. L. 
deSchweinitz, George E. 
Desmond, Mrs. M. L. 
Dessalet, Edwin C. 
Detweiler, Oscar L. 
De Van, M. N. 
Develin, Mrs. James A. 
Devlin, Charles A. 
Dewar, Arthur L. 
Dewey, Walter E. 
De Wolf, Mrs. Halsey 
Dexter, Charles L. 
de Young, B. I. 
Diament, A. L. 
Dickel, Conrad 
Dickey, Mrs. Charles 

Dickey, Eloise P. 
Dickey, John, Jr. 
Dickey, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Dickson, Pemberton M. 
Diesel, Mrs. Harrison N. 
Dietrich, D. W. 
Dietz, W. G. 
Dignan, Helen 
Dilks, W. Stewart 
Diller, Margaret Patton 
Dillon, Edward Saunders 
DiLuzio, Mark T. 
Dilworth, Richardson 
Dingee, Albert N. 
Dinsmore, Mr. and Mrs. 

A. A. 
Di Prespi, David 
Disston, S. Horace 
Dittman, H. M. 
Dixon, Mrs. Edwin S. 
Dixon, F. E. 
Dixon, Mrs. FitzEugene 
Dixon, Mrs. George Dallas 
Dixon, Mrs. James M. 
Dixon, Morris H. 
Doak, Charles B. 
Doak, Samuel E. 
Doak, Mrs. Samuel E. 
Dodge, Karl 
Doellner, Mrs. F. H. 
Doerr, F. W. 
Dolan, Mrs. H. Hoffman 
Dolbey, Edward P. 
Doll, Josephine 

Donahue, Mrs. J. Gilbert, Jr. 
Donaldson, Mrs. Henry H. 
Donnelly, Mrs. Anna H. 
Donnelly, Charles A. 
Donnelly, Mrs. L. R. 
Donoghue, Daniel C. 
Doran, Josephine L. 
Dorey, Mrs. Eugene S. 
Dornan, William 
Dorres, Mary C. 
Doubet, Margaret 
Dougherty, Francis P. 
Dougherty, Helen M. 
Dougherty, Thomas 

Harvey, Jr. 
Dougherty, Mrs. Thomas 

Harvey, Jr. 
Doughten, Mrs. Henry W. 
Doughten, William W. 
Downs, J. R.Wood 
Downs, Mrs. Norton 
Downs, W. Findlay 
Downward, Paul H. 
Doyle, William J. 
Drabenstadt, George R. 
Dragonetti, Harry J. 
Dram, John W. 
Drake, A. H. Boyer 
Drehmann, C. E. 
Drew, Thomas F. 
Driver, Mrs. John M. 
Drobile, A. W. 
Drueding, Caspar 
Drumgoole, H. T. 
Drummond, Ethel S. 
Duane, Mrs. Russell 
Du Ban, Alfred A. 
DuBell, Charles 
Dubs, Carl 
Dubs, J. George 
Duck, Mrs. Florence L. 
Dudley, Mrs. Charles B. 
Duer, Mrs. John VanBuren 
Duer, Mrs. S. Naudain 
Duffield, Chester A. 
DufEeld, Helen Morris 
Duffield, L. R. 
Duhring, H. Louis 
Dulles, Mrs. Heatly C. 
Duncan, Ruth V. 
Dunlap, Andrew M. E. 
Dunlap, George S. 
Dunlap, Mrs. James A. 
Dunn, Mrs. George Garrett 
Dunn, Mrs. Houston 
Dunn, Robert 
Dunn, Mrs. Robert 

du Pont, Elise 
du Pont, E.Paul 
du Pont, Mrs. T. Coleman 
DuPuy.Julien B. 
Durant, Mrs. Frederick C. 
Durham, J. Edward 
Durnall, Ethel M. Bartram 
Durnell, J. Lindsey 
Duveen Brothers 
Eades, Mrs. William N. 
Eareckson, Charles C. 
Earle, Mrs. Edgar P. 
Earle, Elinor 
Earle, Ralph 
Earp, Anne Tucker 
Earp, Ernest C. 
Easby, Mrs. Francis H. 
Easby, William, Jr. 
East, J. E. 

Eastburn, Mrs. Frances J. 
Eastwick, Abram T. 
Eastwick, Joseph L. 
Eastwood, Mr. and Mrs. 

Eberbach, Nelson F. 
Eckard, Edwin F. 
Eckels, Howard S. 
Eckert, Mrs. Samuel 
Eckfeldt, Theodore E. 
Ederer, Clarence L. 
Edmonds, Franklin Spencer 
Edmonds, Mrs. Franklin 

Edmonds, George W. 
Edmunds, Franklin D. 
Edwards, Benjamin A. 
Edwards, Parke 
Eells, Mrs. Walter G. 
Ehret, Mrs. Harry S. 
Eichholz, Adolph 
Eichler, Anton 
Eisele, Gustav F. 
Eisenbrey, Charles Henry 
Eissler, Louise 
Ekern, Irene H. 
Elias, Mrs. Archibald 

Elias, Mrs. Joseph 
Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. A. 

Graham, Jr. 
Elliot, Mrs. R. M. 
Elliot, Mrs. William J. 
Elliott, George A. 
Elliott, Mrs. George W. 
Elliott, Mrs. Harold H. 
Elliott, Harry C. 


Elliott, Mrs. John Dean 
Elliott, Mary Wiley 
Elliott, W. Clare 
Elliott, Mrs. William T. 
Ellis, A. Willoughby G. 
Ellis, Frank H., 3rd 
Ellis, Furey 
Ellis, Mrs. George E. 
Ellis, Mrs. Thomas Biddle 
Ellis, Thomas S. 
Ellison, Mrs. Henry H. 
Ellison, Thomas 
Elsasser, George A., Jr. 
Elwood, Everett S. 
Elwyn, Thomas L. 
Ely, Anna W. 
Ely, Gertrude 
Ely, Robert B. 
Ely, VanHorn 
Embery, William 
Emerson, Edith 
Emery, Benjamin F. 
Emhardt, William H. 
Emlen, Dorthea 
Emlcn, George W., Jr. 
Emlen, Mrs. John T. 
Enburg,John M. 
Engelbert, Nicholas J. 
Engle, Howard C. 
Englerth, Louis D. 
English, Caroline C. 
English, Mrs. Chancellor C. 
English, E. Schuyler 
English, Mrs. Frederick W. 
English, John W. 
Erbc.John R. 
Erdman, W. Kenney 
Erskine, Mrs. Elizabeth H. 
Essig, Joseph Richards 
Estabrook, Mrs. George L. 
Esty, Mrs. Robert P. 
Ettelson, Henry J. 
Etting, Mrs. Emlen Pope 
Evans, Abbie 
Evans, George B. 
Evans, Mrs. George B. 
Evans, G. Gerald 
Evans, Mrs. James D. 
Evans, Margaret E. 
Evans, Rowland 
Everett, Edith M. 
Eves, Mrs. Curtis C. 
Eyanson, Elizabeth 
Eyre, Lester E. 
Eyre, Louisa 
Eyre, Wilson 
Eysmans,Julien L. 

Fagan, Emma Lowry 
Fagan, Mrs. H. B. 
Fagles, Mrs. Charles D. 
Fahnestock, Mrs. McClure 
Fairchild, Samuel E.,Jr. 
Falck, Fred M. 
Fante, Dominic L. 
Farmer, Walter Tyndale 
Farnum, George L. 
Farnum, Henry W. 
Farr, Daniel H. 
Farr, Edith M. 
Farr, Mrs. Wm. W. 
Farraday, Thomas P. 
Faulconer, Margaret 
Faux, Ida A. 
Fearon, Mrs. Charles 
Febiger, Mrs. Christian 
Feely, William A. 
Feibelman, Julian B. 
Feldman, Baruch M. 
Feldman, Jacob B. 
Felin, Charles F. 
Felix, Harry 
Felix, Max 
Felix, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Fell, Mrs. F. J., Jr. 
Fels, Maurice 
Felton, Mrs. Edgar C, Jr. 
Felton, Frank P., Jr. 
Felton, J. Sibley 
Felton, William C, Jr. 
Fenn, Mrs. E. W. 
Fenninger, Mrs. Carl W. 
Ferguson, Mrs. Lincoln 
Fernberg, Charles E. 
Fernberger, Mrs. Henry 
Fernberger, Samuel W. 
Fernley, Hattie M. 
Ferry, Alice 
Fetterolf, Edwin H. 
Fetterolf, Mrs. Morton H. 
Fields, Florence F. 
Fife, Mrs. Charles A. 
Finckel, Eliza R. 
Finletter, Mrs. Edwin M. 
Firth, Joseph F. 
Firth, Thomas T. 
Fischer, Frances L. 
Fisher, Harry S. 
Fisher, Linton C. 
Fisher, Ncvin F. 
Fisher, Samuel 
Fisher, Sara K. 
Fisher, Thomas 
Fisher, William Righter 
Fisler, John 

Fitlcr, Mrs. Nathan 

Fitler, Mrs. William W. 
Fitler, Mrs. William W., Jr. 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Thomas M. 
Fitzpatrick, Aloysius 
Flagg, George 
Flanagan, Andrew 
Flanagan, Thomas J. 
Flavell, Mrs. George J. 
Fleck, Mrs. Wm. C. 
Fleisher, Mrs. Alfred W. 
Fleisher, Alice 
Fleisher, Edwin A. 
Fleisher, Helen 
Fleisher, Henry H. 
Fleisher, Mrs. Moyer 
Fleisher, S. S. 
Fleisher, Walter A. 
Fletcher, William Meade, Jr. 
Fletcher, Mrs. William 

Meade, Jr. 
Flint, George 
Flood, Mrs. T. Bromley 
Foerderer, Mrs. Edward 
Foerderer, Elsie 
Fogarty, William J. 
Fogg, John M.,Jr. 
Foley, Michael A. 
Foley, Mrs. Richard A. 
Folz, Stanley 
Ford, Mrs. Frank J. 
Ford, John J. 
Ford, Mrs. Marion L. 
Ford, Stephen M. 
Forman, Isador 
Forster, H. Walter 
Fort, Henry K. 
Fortin, E. F. 
Foster, Alexander, Jr. 
Foster, C. A. 
Foster, Mabel L. 
Foster, Richard W. 
Foulke, Hazel M. 
Foulke,J. Roberts 
Foulke, Mrs. J. Roberts 
Foulke, May P. 
Foulkrod, Emily 
Foulkrod, Mrs. Frederick S. 
Fowler, Mrs. W. M. 
Fox, Mrs. Alexander M., Jr. 
Fox, Mrs. Caleb F., Jr. 
Fox, Mrs. Charles P. 
Fox, Helen A. 
Fox, John Large 
Fox, Joseph Craig 
Fox, Mrs. L. Webster 


Fox, Matthews A. 
Fox, Richard L. 
France, Edward W. 
Francis, Richard S. 
Frankenfield, Samuel I. 
Frantz, Philip B. 
Fraser, Arthur 
Frazer, Donald C, Jr. 
Frazier, Mrs. Benjamin West 
Frazier,John N. 
Frazier, John W.,Jr. 
Frazier, Mrs. William West 
Frebe, Lillian 
Frederick, Mrs. Roy L. 
Free, Mabel E. 
Freed, Morris A. 
Freelon, Allan Randall 
Freeman, Addison B. 
Freeman, Albert L. 
Freeman, Alfred E. 
Freeman, George C. 
Freeman, Mrs. Harold A. 
Freeman, Mrs. M. M. 
Freeman, Richard J. 
Freeman, Samuel Miller 
Freeman, Mrs. Walter J. 
Freeman, William C. 
Freeman, Mrs. William C. 
Freihofer, Charles 
French, Charles C. 
French, Mrs. Thomas E. 
Fretz, S. S.,Jr. 
Frick, Charles E. 
Frick, Mrs. George P. 
Fries, Mrs. Christian H. 
Fries, Emma R. 
Frischholz, Mrs. Sophie B. 
Fritsche, Mrs. John 
Fritz, Jacob A. 
Frizzell, Mrs. Charles F. 
Fry, Mrs. James W. 
Fryer, Theodore B. 
Fuguet, Stephen 
Fuller, Mrs. Dwight S. 
Fuller, Horace M. 
Funk, C. William 
Funk, Carl W. 
Funk,Nevin E.,Jr. 
Fussell, Robert 
Gage, Clinton 
Galey, Mrs. Francis Holt 
Galey, William T., Jr. 
Gallagher, Dennis 
Gallaudet,John C. 
Gardiner, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Garretson, Beulah C. 
Garrett, Alfred C. 

Gaskill, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Gaskill, Margaret 
Gates, Mrs. Jay 
Gatter, Charles L. 
Gauff.John P. 
Gay, Mrs. John H. 
Gayley, Samuel M. 
Gayley, Mrs. William 
Geiger, Mrs. Harvey 
Geiger, Lewis P. 
Geisenberger, Leane R. 
Gemberling.j. B. 
Gendell, Elizabeth B. 
Genth, Mrs. F. A. 
Gentner, Frederick 
Gerber, Albert 
Gerenbeck, Franklin C. 
Gerenbeck, George 
Gerhard, Albert P. 
Gerhard, Arthur H. 
Gerstley, Mrs. Isaac 
Gessner, Howard R. 
Gest, Lillian 
Geyelin, Elizabeth F. 
Geyelin, Harriet G. R. 
Giambalvo, G. P. 
Gibb, Ida 
Gibb, Thomas B. 
Gibbon, Mrs. John H. 
Gibbons, Lewis W. 
Gibbs, George 
Gibson, Mrs. John 

Gideon, George D. 
Gilbert, Mrs. John 
Gilchrist, Edmund B. 
Gilkyson, Mrs. Hamilton H. 
Gill, Mrs. Charles D. 
Gill, John D. 
Gillespie, Kate S. 
Gillingham, Mrs. A. H. 
Gillingham, Harrold E. 
Gillingham, Mrs. Harrold E. 
Gilmer, Elgina 
Gilpin, Mrs. John C. 
Gimbel, Mrs. Benedict 
Gimbel Brothers 
Gimbel, Daniel 
Gimpel, M. Rene 
Girvin.John H. 
Givens, Howard M. 
Glanz, Charles L. 
Gleason.John P. 
Gleeson,John W. 
Glendinning, Robert 
Glover, Deborah 
Godfrey, Mark 

Godfrey, Mrs. William S. 
Goetz, Mrs. Elizabeth 

Goheen,John P. 
Goldbaum, Mrs. Jacob S. 
Goldberg, Samuel A. 
Goldner, Frank C. 
Goldsmith, Mrs. Henry F. 
Goodall, H. W. 
Goodman, Mrs. E. H. 
Goodman, Ernestine A. 
Goodman, Joseph D. 
Goodwin, Margaret S. 
Gorman, Victor 
Gossler, Mrs. George E. 
Gowing, Jean 
Graf, Emma 
Graham, Caroline F. 
Graham, Charles 
Graham, Mrs. Fred W. W. 
Graham, Grant R. 
Graham, W. F. 
Grakelow, Charles H. 
Grange, Mrs. William D. 
Grant, Elizabeth 
Grant, Mrs. Francis Clark 
Grant, Martha Fairies 
Gratz, Alfred 

Gravenstine, Mrs. George T. 
Graves, Russell B. 
Gray, Robert C. 
Gray, Robert L. 
Gray, William F. 
Grayson, Charles Prevost 
Green, J. Weldon 
Greenberg, Joseph J. 
Greene, Ryland Warriner 
Greenfield, Mrs. Albert M. 
Greenough, Cornelia 
Greenwell, Mrs. John 
Greer, Elizabeth S. 
Grelis,John J. 
Gribbel, Mrs. J. Bancker 
Gribbel, W. Griffin 
Griest, Mrs. Thomas H. 
Griffin, Mrs. Frank H. 
Griffith, G.S., Jr. 
Griffith, Mrs. J. P. Crozer 
Griffith, William Oglesby 
Griscom, Mrs. Clement 

A., 3rd 
Griscom, J. Milton 
Grisdale,John T. 
Groff, Mrs. Charles G. 
Groff, Henry C. 
Groff, Mrs. Walter C. 
Groome, Alexander C. 


Groskin, Horace 
Gross, John H. 
Grubb, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Gucker, F. T. 
Guckes, Mrs. E. M. 
Guckes, Mrs. Philip E. 
Guest, Arthur B. 
Guetter, Julius 
Guggenheim, S. E. 
Gummere, Richard M. 
Gummey, Frank B. 
Gunthrop, Mrs. William P. 
Haas, Mr. and Mrs. HarryJ. 
Hacker, Caspar W. 
Hacker, Elizabeth D. 
Hacker, Mrs. William P. 
Hackett, H. Berkeley 
Haehnlen, Mrs. Walter L. 
Hagar, Mrs. Lavino 
Hahn, Mrs. Frances S. 
Haibach, Mrs. Philip 
Haig, Alexander M. 
Haines, Howard L., Jr. 
Haines, Mrs. Oliver 

Haines, Mrs. Robert B., Jr. 
Haines, William A. 
Hainlen, George 
Haldt, Ernest 
Hall, Mabel Bruce 
Hall, Reuben B. 
Hall, William M. 
Hallahan, Mrs. Charles E. 
Hallowell, Helen W. 
Hallowell, Henry R. 
Hallowell, Mrs. Israel R. 
Hallowell, Mrs. William 

Halton, Thomas H., Sr. 
Hamill, Mrs. Samuel McC. 
Hamilton, Charles R. 
Hamilton, Mrs. James M. 
Hammeke, Hubert 
Hammer, Mrs. A. Wiese 
Hammett, William H. 
Hammond, Mrs. L.Jay 
Hammond, Wardlaw M. 
Hancock, Mrs. F. Woodson 
Hand, Mrs. Clarence F. 
Hand, Helen G. 
Hannigan, Joseph J. 
Hansche, Maude B. 
Hansell, Mrs. A. W. 
Harbeson, William P. 
Harbison, Helen D. 
Harcum, Mrs. Marvin 
Harding, Mrs. Charles B. 

Harding, George J. 
Harding, Katherine A. 
Hardock, Benjamin 
Hardt, Frank M. 
Hardt, J. William 
Hardt, Walter K. 
Hardwick, Mrs. Gordon A. 
Hare, B. T. 
Hare, Esther B. 
Hare, J. V. 
Hare, T. Truxton 
Harlan, Mr. and Mrs. 

Joseph M. 
Harley, Milton Price 
Harlow, George W. 
Harman, W. H. 
Harper, Clarence L. 
Harper, Jane 

Harrigan, Mrs. Benjamin 
Harris, David W. 
Harris, Edgar T. 
Harris, Edward Monroe 
Harris, Mrs. Frazer 
Harris, J. Andrews, 3rd 
Harris, John G. 
Harris, Mrs. Langdon 

Harris, Lee W. 
Harris, Walter C. 
Harris, William 
Harris, Mrs. William A. 
Harrison, Augusta 
Harrison, Mrs. Charles C. 

Harrison, Charles Custis, 


Harrison, Mrs. Charles 

Harrison, George L. 
Harrison, Mrs. George L. 
Harrison, Mrs. H. Norris 
Harrison, Mrs. Harry W. 
Harrison, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Harrison, Theodore L. 
Harrison, Mrs. Theodore L. 
Harrison, William Welsh, 

Harrity, Mrs. William F. 
Harrop, Rebecca Ellis 
Hart, Mrs. Harry C. 
Hart, Olive Ely 
Hart, Mrs. Thomas 
Hart, Mrs. William H. 
Hartel, Mrs. Walter W. 
Hartley, Harriet L. 
Hartung, Francis C. 
Haskell, Harry G. 

Haskins, Mrs. Harold 
Hassler, Daniel E. 
Hastings, Mrs. John V. 
Hatfield, James S. 
Hatfield, Mrs. James S. 
Hathaway, H. W. 
Haughton, Augustine 
Haupt, Mrs. William K. 
Hause, Mrs. George A. 

Hausser, C. A. 

Havey, Charles F. 

Haviland, Mrs. Anna W. 

Haxton, Mrs. Samuel F. 

Hay, Mrs. Charles 

Hay, Mrs. J. Howard 

Haydock, Charles 

Hayes, Mrs. C. Ellis 

Hayman.Mrs.J. M. 

Haynes and Lehr 

Hays, Annie Bradford 

Hayt, Mrs. Todd 

Hayward, Anna Howell 

Hayward, Mrs. Nathan 

Hazard, Spencer P. 

Hazlett, James V. 

Head, Mrs. Joseph 

Headman, Anna E. 


Heard, W. H. 

Hebard, Morgan 

Heckscher, Lucretia S. 

Heckscher, Mrs. Maurice 

Heebner, Julia E. 

Heermann, Harriet A. 

Heffner, Mrs. Warren S. 

Heim, Oscar E. 

Heine, Chas. O. 
Heir, James 
Heisler, Roland C. 
Helbert, George K. 
Hellerman, Mrs. Harry 
Hell wig, Mrs. Katherine 
Hemphill and Company, 

Henderson, Mrs. Charles 
Henderson, Mrs. George I 
Henderson, John J. 
Henderson, Walter G. 
Hennessey, Emil 
Henning, Mary E. 
Henrich, A. Washington 
Henry, Mrs. Bayard 
Henry, Mrs. C. S. Ashby 
Henry, George W.,Jr. 
Henry, James P. 
Hensel, Mrs. E. Caven 
Henshaw, William P. 


Henson, Hannah 
Hentz, F. Walter 
Hepburn, Mrs. Charles J. 
Hepburn, W. Horace 
Hepburn, Mrs. Wm. W. 
Heppe, Marcellus McD. 
Hepworth,John M. 
Hering, W. E. 
Herkness, J. Smylie 
Herman, Louis 
Herold, Mrs. Milton 
Herron, Christopher C. 
Hess, Harry W. 
Hess, Herbert W. 
Hess, Mrs. Lippman E. 
Hetherington, Mrs. AlbertG. 
Hetzell, Charles G. 
Heuer, Henry F. 
Heyl, John B. 
Heyl, Juliet F. 
Heyl, Mrs. Robert C. 
Heyl, William E. 
Heymann, Joseph C. 
Heymann, Mrs. Joseph C. 
Heymann, Roy A. 
Heyward, Mrs. R. B. 
Hibbs, Helen 
Hibbs, Mrs. Quin D. 
Hiergesell, Valentine 
Hiestand, Mrs. George 
Hiestand, Joseph D. 
Higgins, Alfred K. 
Highley, Mrs. George N. 
Hightower, F. W. 
Hilbroner, Mrs. Tillie 
Hildebrand, C. C. 
Hildebrand, Mrs. Gustav A. 
Hill, Charles B. 
Hill, Edna V. 
Hill, Mrs. George H., Jr. 
Hill, Horace G., Jr. 
Hill, Mrs. J. Bennett 
Hill, Mrs. John Parker 
Hill, Mrs. M. Z. 
Hill, William D. 
Hiller, Mrs. H. M. 
Hilles, Franklin S. 
Hilles, Marian S. 
Hilsec, David E. 
Hinchman, Mrs. C. Russell 
Hines, Captain and Mrs. 

John F. 
Hippie, Albert I. 
Hipsher, Edward 

Hires, Mrs. Charles E. 

Hires, Mrs. Charles E., Jr. 
Hirsh, Ralph 
Hirst, Barton C. 
Hirst, Richard 
Hitner, Ella E. 
Hoare, Daniel W. 
Hochstrasser, John H. 
Hockaday, Agnes 
Hocker, I. S. 
Hodge, Mrs. Henry L. 
Hodgson, Francis H. 
Hoelzer, Mrs. Mary L. 
Hoffman, Mrs. C. F. 
Hoffman, Esther 
Hogg, J. Ren wick 
Hogg, Mrs. J. Ren wick 
Hogue, Robert M. 
Hogue, Mrs. Robert M. 
Holahan, F. Marion 
Holden, Hallie K. 
Holden, Robert F. 
Hollar, Mrs. William H. 
Hollingsworth,John P. 
Hollingsworth, Mrs. John P. 
Holman, Louise K. 
Hood, Mrs. Albert L. 
Hood, Mrs. George G. 
Hooper, Mrs. Robert P. 
Hoopes, Edward 
Hope, Herbert 
Hopkinson, Emily G. 
Hopper, H. B. 
Hopper, Mrs. Harry S. 
Hopper, Marie Louise 
Hopper, Mary Johns 
Horan, Hubert, Jr. 
Horn, Herman C. 
Horn, William 
Home, B. W. 
Horneff, Harry 
Horner, Hannah Mee 
Horrocks, Henry H. 
Horstmann, I.J. 
Horstmann, Mrs, Walter 
Horstmann, Mrs. William H. 
Horter, Robert M. 
Horton, Arthur 
Hosbach, Frederick W. 
Houston, Mrs. S. F. 
Howard, Mrs. Edgar B. 
Howarth, H. A. Stevens 
Howe, Mrs. A. Leighton 
Howe, Charlton V. 
Howell, Anna Hazen 
Howell, Mrs. Charles H. 
Howell, Cooper 
Howell, Josephine F. 

Howell, Lardner 
Howell, Stacy B. 
Howland, Mrs. Frederick 

Howson, Charles H. 
Howson, Henry 
Hoyt, Daniel M. 
Huber, Mrs. John Y.,Jr. 
Hucker-Prybil Company 
Huey, Arthur B. 
Huey, Mrs. Arthur B. 
Huey, Samuel C. 
Huff, William K. 
Hughes, Esther M. 
Hughes, Mrs. Henry D. 
Hughes, Mrs. Wayne B. 
Hunneman, Mrs. Wm. C, Jr. 
Hunsberger, Mrs. Ambrose 
Hunter, C. Edwin 
Huntoon, D. T. V. 
Hurlburt, Frank 
Hurlburt, Mrs. Frederick B. 
Hurlburt, W. Merritt 
Hussong, Mary E. 
Huston, Laetitia P. 
Huston, Mary Perot 
Hutchinson, A. P. 
Hutchinson, Arthur 

Hutchinson, Mrs. James P. 
Hutchinson, Mrs. Joseph 

Hutchinson, K. P. 
Hutchinson, M. H. 
Hutchinson, Mrs. S. 

Hutchinson, Mrs. Sydney E. 
Hutchison,}. C. 
Hutchison, J. Edward 
Huth, Christian 
Iliff, Mrs. Arthur R. 
Illman, Adelaide 
Illoway, Bernard A. 
Ilsley, Mrs. Edward 
Indahl, M. C. 
Ingersoll, Mrs. C. Jared 
Ingersoll, George E. 
Ingersoll, Mrs. R. Sturgis 
Ingleby, Helen 
Innes, William T. 
Ireland, C. Raymond 
Irish, J. Theodore 
Irvine, Mrs. James 
Irwin, Mrs. Samuel B. 
Jack, Charles S. 
Jacobs, Mrs. John 
Jacobs, Mary C. R. 


acobs, Mrs. Reginald 
acoby.John F.,Jr. 
affe, Samuel 
affe, Walter 

ames, Mrs. John Edwin 
ames, Nancy E. 
ames, Mrs. Reese D. 
ames, William F. 
ameson, Joseph Moore 
ameson, Norman Lee 
ameson, Mrs. Norman Lee 
amison, Mrs. Benton K., Jr. 
amison,John M. 
anes, H. Paul 
antzen, Mildred 
arden, Margaret 
arden, Mrs. Walter H. 
astrow, Mrs. Morris, Jr. 
eanes, Henry S., Jr. 
eanes, Mrs. Henry S.,Jr. 
eanes, Mrs. Joseph Y. 
eanes, Lenette F. 
eannisson, Mrs. Eugene M. 
efferys, Mrs. Edward M. 
effries, Mrs. Thomas J. 
enkins, Edward A. 
enkins, H. Lawrence 
enkins, Theodore F. 
cnks, Mrs. John S. 
ennings, Annie Burr 
ennings, Horace B. 
ennings, Joseph M. 
ennings, William J. 
epson, Paul N. 
errehian, Aram K. 
ohnson, Alba B.,Jr. 
ohnson, Mrs. Alba B., Jr. 
ohnson, E. Earle 
ohnson, Mrs. Edward H. 
ohnson, Florence M. 
ohnson, Harry E. 
ohnson, W.J. 
ohnson, Mrs. W.J. 
ohnson, W. Keating 
ohnson, Walter H. 
ohnson, Walter James 
ohnson, William S. 
ohnston, D. V. 
ohnston, Mrs. Mary 

oiner, Franklin 
ones, Mrs. A. E. 
ones, Albert F. 
ones, Arthur Woodruff 
ones, Mrs. C. Sharpless 
ones, Mrs. Clara W. 
ones, G. H. 

Jones, Henry Hand 
Jones, Horace C. 
Jones, Mrs. J. Clifford 
Jones, John F. X. 
Jones, John Langdon 
Jones, Joseph L., 3rd 
Jones, Livingston E. 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. 

Llewellyn W. 
Jones, Luther R. 
Jones, Mrs. Mary C. 
Jones, Mrs. Spencer L. 
Jones, Thomas E. 
Joralemon, Mrs. L. D. 
Jordan, Augustus W. 
Jordan, Frederick 
Jorgensen, Frederick H. 
Josephs, Mr. and Mrs. 

Devereux C. 
Judson, Arthur 
Judson, Mrs. Charles F. 
Junkin, George B. 
Junkin, Mrs. George B. 
Justi, Amelia R. 
Justi, Augusta E. 
Justice, C. G. Co. 
Justice, Dorothy R. 
Justice, Mrs. George L. 
Justice, Hilda 
Justice, William W.,Jr. 
Kaeser, Charles W., Jr. 
Kahn, Jacob C. 
Kaier, Emma 
Kane, Mrs. Frank Paul 
Kane, Harry J. 
Kane, Mrs. John Kent, Jr. 
Kaplan, Harry A. 
Karcher and Rehn Company 
Karr, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Karsner, Mrs. Daniel 
Kase, Mrs. Daniel Beaver 
Katz, Maurice B. 
Katz, William H. 
Kauffman, Anna C. 
Kauffman, Paul D. 
Kaufman, Frank M. 
Kaufman, Isadore 
Kaye, David E. 
Keator, Mrs. John Frisbee 
Keay, Mrs. Nathaniel Seaver 
Keeler, W. H. 
Keen, Harold Perot 
Keen, Harry R. 
Keene, Floyd E. 
Keene, Paul F. 
Kees, Louise S. 
Keffer, Edward I. 

Kehler, B. Frank 
Keiser, Elmer E. 
Keister, Mrs. Annie R. 
Keith, Mrs. Sidney W. 
Keith, Mrs. Sidney W., Jr. 
Keller, Charles Frederick 
Keller, Ferdinand 
Keller, Joseph S. 
Kellett, Roderick G. 
Kelley, Leslie Leroy 
Kellogg, Thomas M. 
Kelly, Hugh F. 
Kelly, Margaret K. 
Kelsey, Carleton 
Kelton, Stanton Coit 
Kemp, Amelia D. 
Kendall, Mrs. Paul 
Kendrick, Mr. and Mrs. J. 

Kendrick, T. Frank 
Kennedy, J. N. 
Kennedy, Mrs. John M. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Moorhead 
Kenney, Ellen 
Kent, Mrs. Henry T. 
Kent, Mrs. William C. 
Kerle, Jules A. 
Kerns, Samuel P. 
Kerr, Carlota T. 
Kerr, William M. 
Kerstine, Harry E. 
Kerwick, Michael R. 
Kessler, Adam, Jr. 
Kessler, Harry C. 
Ketcham, Howard 
Ketterer, Gustav 
Kieferle, Mrs. Charles J. 
Kieffer, George C. 
Kimball, Fiske 
Kimball, M. Ella 
Kimber, Mrs. T. W. 
Kincaid, William 
Kind, Morris 
Kind, Mrs. Paul A. 
Kind, Mrs. Philip 
King, Mrs. Joseph B. 
King, Katharine S. 
King, Lewis 
King, Lydia E. 
King, W. Walton 
Kinsey, Frances T. 
Kinsey, Helen F. 
Kirk, Mrs. Edward C. 
Kirk, Elizabeth 
Kirkbride, Earle R. 
Kirkbride, Elizabeth B. 
Kirkland, S. N. 


Kirkpatrick, Samuel 
Kitchen, Mrs. Edith M. 

Klapp, Wilbur Paddock 
Klauder, Elfrida M. 
Klauder, George C. 
Klauder, Mrs. Rudolph 
Klein, Charles 
Klein, Max D. 
Klemm, Eva R. 
Klemm, Mrs. J. George, Jr. 
Kneass, Edwards 
Kneass, George Bryan 
Kneedler and Company 
Knight, D. Allen 
Knowles, Frank Crozer 
Knowles, Nathaniel 
Knup, Jacob 
Knup, Jacob, Jr. 
Koch, Mrs. Thomas J. 
Koelle, W. F. 
Koenes, Henry E. 
Kohn, Alfred 
Kohn, Bernard 
Kohn, Mrs. Harry E. 
Kohn, Mrs. Herbert 
Kohn, Mrs. Isadore 
Kolb, Mrs. Edward 
Krakowitz, Charles 
Kramer, Mrs. George 
Krause, Walter E. 
Krauss, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney 

Krebs, Frank H. 
Kreier, George J. 
Krewson, James S. 
Krick, Mrs. Charles S. 
Krimmel, Edmund G. 
Krumbhaar, Mrs. Charles 

Kuemmerle, Gustave C. 
Kuhn, C. Hartman 
Kuhn, Carrie Teller 
Kunkel, James E. 
Kunkle, Natalie Louise 
Kurth, Rena 
Kurtz, William Fulton 
Kuser, Mrs. John L., Jr. 
Kyle, Mrs. D. Braden 
Kyle, Mrs. Jay 
Lacey, Mrs. J. Madison 
Laciar, Mrs. Samuel L. 
Lacy, Golden 
Laessle, Mrs. Albert 

Lafferty, E.J. 
Lafferty, Myrtle Adele 
Laird, Mrs. J. Packard 
Laird, Warren P. 
Lake, Mrs. Orville 
Lakey, Mrs. Arthur B. 
Lally, Mrs. Frank S. 
Lamb, Mrs. Joseph 
Lamb, Mrs. W. H. 
Lamberton, Robert E. 

Landell, Mrs. Edwin A., Jr. 
Landis, George O. 
Langdon, Mrs. H. Maxwell 
Langston, Samuel M. 
Lanin, Howard 
Large, Mrs. James 
Larmour, Mr. and Mrs. 

Larson, Mrs. Roy F. 
Larzelere, John L. 
Larzelere, Mrs. Nicholas H. 
Larzelere, Mrs. Walter D. 
Latham, M. V. D. 
Latimer, Robert L. 
Laudenslager, Ethel H. 
Lauer, Conrad N. 
Lauer, Harry I. 
Laughlin, Mrs. A. L. 
Laver, Samuel 

Laverty, Mrs. M. Alexander 
Laveson, S. Frank 
Lavino, Mrs. Edward J. 
Lavino, Edwin M. 
Law, Edward 
Law, Margaret 
Law, William A. 
LaWall, Charles H. 
Lawler, Percy E. 
Lawrence, Elsie H. 
Lawrence, Gertrude E. 
Lawson, Harry 
Lawson, Mrs. Harry C. 
Lay, Mrs. J. Tracy 
Lea, Elizabeth J. 
Lea, Van Antwerp 
Leach, M. Atherton 
League, Mrs. H. M. 
Lear, John B. 
Leas, Mabel Alice 
Lebo, Mrs. E. A. 
LeBoutillier, Mrs. Henry W. 
Lechner, Harvey L. 
Ledwith, William L. 
Lee, Alfred, 3rd 
Lee, Mrs. Elisha 

Lee, Manning deV 
Lee, Mildred W. 
Lee, W. H. 
Lee, William Colin 
Leed, Mona 
Leeds, Arthur N. 
Lefton, Al Paul 
Legge, Henry C. 
Leggett, Esther 
Lehman, David DeC. 
Leisenring, Mrs. Edward B. 
Leithead, J. Edward 
Lennig, Rufus King 
Lennon, James S. 
Leonard, Reuben M. 
Leonard, Mrs. Richard D. 
Leonard, William A. 
Lesley, Robert W. 
Lesley, Mrs. Robert W. 
Lester, Joseph G. 
Levering, Frank D. 
Levin, Oscar 
Levin, Samuel H. 
Levintow, Benjamin H. 
Levis, Mrs. Frederick H. 
Levy, Albert 
Levy, Alexander S. 
Levy, Alfred B. 
Levy, Fabian F. 
Levy, Howard S. 
Levy, Lionel Farraday 
Levy, Mrs. Lionel Farraday 


s, Anna Shippen 

s, Anna V. 

s, Charles A. 

s, Mrs. Clarence J., Jr. 

s.Clifford, Jr. 

s, Mrs. Clifford, Jr. 

s, Eleanor 

s, Mrs. Francis A. 

s, Mrs. Francis A., 3rd 


s, Mrs. Howard W. 

s, Isabel Jenkins 

s, Mrs. James P. 

s, Mrs. John F.,Jr. 

s.John Frederick 

s, Julia 

s, Leicester S. 

s, Le Roy M. 

s, Mrs. Ludwig C. 

s, Margaret C. 

s, Mrs. O. G. L. 

s, S. Weir 

s, Shippen 

s, Mrs. Theodore J. 

s, Mrs. Thomas H. 


Lewis, Mrs. William Draper 
Lex, Mrs. William Henry 
Leyshon, William C. 
Lifter, Mrs. Joseph J. 
Ligget, Mrs. Howard B. 
Ligget.Jane Stewart 
Lincoln, Mrs. George 

Jones, Jr. 
Lincoln, Joseph C. 
Lincoln, Thorla 
Lindley, George W. 
Lineaweaver,jMrs. Charles P. 
Link, Harriet J. 
Linn, Mrs. William B. 
Linton, M. Albert 
Linville, Mrs. Walker E. 
Lippincott, George A. 
Lippincott, Mrs. Joseph W. 
Lippincott, Mary W. 
Lisker, Bert 
Littlefield, James H. 
Littleton, Mrs. W. G. 
Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. 

Jos. S. 
Livingston, Walter R. 
Lloyd, Mrs. Fleurette B. 
Lloyd, Mrs. Horatio Gates, 

Lloyd, Mrs. Horatio Gates, 

Lloyd, Mrs. John S. 
Lloyd, Mrs. Stacey B. 
Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. 

William Henry 
Lochhead, Catherine P. 
Lock, William 
Loeb, Mrs. Adolf 
Loeb, Alfred H. 
Loeb, Howard A. 
Loeb, Ludwig 
Loeb, Mrs. Rudolf 
Loeb, Victor A. 
Loftus, Anna D. 
Logan, Mrs. John W. 
Logan, William H. 
Lohmann, Mrs. Alfred P. 
Long, Walter E. 
Long, Mrs. William 

Longaker, Mrs. Carolyn R. 
Longaker, Daniel 
Longstreth, Mrs. Charles A. 
Longstreth, Mrs. Frank M. 
Longstreth, Mr. and Mrs. 

Lopez, A. Sophia 
Lorimer, Graeme 

Lotz, Nellie 

Louchheim, Mrs. Joseph A. 
Lough, George A. 
Loughran, Edward P. 
Lovatt, Dorothy 
Love, Julius D. 
Lovell.J. Barlow 
Lucas, Mrs. Edwin A. 
Lucas, Mrs. H. Spencer 
Ludlum, David S. 
Ludlum, Mrs. Seymour 

Ludwig, Florence 
Lukens, Lewis N., Jr. 
Lukens, Mrs. Lewis N., Jr. 
Lynch, Amelia B. 
Lynch, Mildred E. 
Mabie, Walter C. 
MacArthur, Mrs. Anna C. 
MacCain, James Scott 
MacCalla, W. A. 
MacColl, Mrs. Alexander 
MacCormick, Mrs. Donald 

MacCoy, Marjorie N. 
Macdonald, Andrew 
Macfarland, Mrs. Franklin 

MacFarland, Mrs. George F. 
MacFarland, Mrs. Sallie Y. 
MacFarlane, Catherine 
MacGeorge, Beatrice 
MacGregor, Helen 
Mack, Joseph P., 2nd 
Mackenzie, Mr. and Mrs. 

MacKenzie,J. B. 
Mackey, Mrs. Harry A. 
MacKinnon, Robert 
MacMullin, William J. 
MacQueen, Stephen A. 
Maddock, Henry A. 
Madeira, Mrs. Louis C. 
Madeira, Percy C. 
Magee, George W. 
Magee, James F.,Jr. 
Magofnn, Mrs. W. 

Mahjoubian, Mrs. Reuben 

Mahoney.John J. 
Maier, F. Hurst 
Mallett, Laura B. 
Malone, Edwin B. 
Maloy, D. Elsie 
Malzer, Mathias 
Manasses, Jacob L. 

Mangold, Charles 
Mann, Mrs. Levis L. 
Manning, Albert D. 
Manning, Frederick J. 
Manning, William McD. 
Manship, Edith 
Marceau, Henri Gabriel 
Marcucci, Vincent 
Margerum, Bess 
Maris, Mrs. Henry J. 
Mark, Mrs. J. DeRoy 
Markland, George L., Jr. 
Markoe, Mrs. Henry 
Marks, Alexander A. 
Marks, Gus 
Marks, Jacob K. 
Marsh, Harry A. 
Marsh, Mrs. John C. 
Marshall, C.J. 
Marshall, Mrs. George 

Marshall, Mrs. J. Lewis 
Marshall, Joseph K. 
Marshall, Mrs. Mary E. 
Marshall, Thomas R. 
Marston, Mrs. C. Harold 
Martin, Edward 
Martin, E. Gwen 
Martin, Frank J. 
Martin, James L. 
Martin, William F. 
Maser, Max 

Masland, Mrs. Charles W. 
Mason, Edward F. 
Mason, Mary T. 
Mason, William Clarke 
Mason, Mrs. William 

Massey, Frank H. 
Massey, Robert V. 
Massiah, Frederick 
Mathers, Frank F. 
Mathers, Mrs. Frank F. 
Mathews, Jordan 
Mathews, W. C. C. 
Mathewson, Mrs. R. W. 
Mathewson, Robert J. 
Mathieson, Mrs. J. K. 
Mathues, A. C. W. 
Mattes, Frank 
Matthews, Frank C. 
Matthews, Mrs. Louis I. 
Mattison, R. V. 
Maule, Alfred C. 
Maule, Mrs. Edmund W. 
Maule, Margaret C. 
Maull, Mrs. Matthias 


Maulsby, Matilda 
Mauran, Frank 
Maurer,John H. 
Maxwell, Charles J. 
Maxwell, Mrs. John R. 
Mayburry, Dorothy 
Mayer, Alfred 
Mayer, Mrs. Clinton O. 
Mayor, Charles A. 
Mazzoni, Joseph 
McAbee, Mrs. George R. 
McAdoo, Mrs. Henry M. 
McAllister, Mrs. J. 

McCahan, Mrs. Thomas C. 
McCall, Mrs. Joseph B. 
McCall, Richard 
McCall, Virginia A. 
McCallip, Emily L. 
McCarron, Adalene 
McCarthy, D.J. 
McCarthy, Mrs. D.J. 
McCarthy, Mr. and Mrs. 

Edmund Burke 
McCarthy, Henry A. 
McCaughey, Harry M. 
McCauley, Mrs. Elmer 
McCawley, Mrs. William M. 
McClenahan, Howard 
McCloskey, Mrs. John F. 
McCloskey, Matthew H. 
McCloud, Charles M. 
McCollin, James G. 
McCouch, Mrs. H. Gordon 
McCoy, Mrs. Guy 
McCoy, Mrs. Isabel Walker 
McCracken, Mrs. Robt. T. 
McCreery, Mrs. Samuel 
McDonald, Mrs. E. 
McDonald, Joseph A. 
McDougald, John Q. 
McDowell, Charles 
McElroy, Mrs. Clayton 
McFarland, Mrs. Joseph 
McGarvey, James P. 
McGettigan, Daniel I. 
McGowin, Mrs. R. S. 
Mcllhenny, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Mcllhenny, Selina B. 
Mcllvain, Mrs. Dickerson 
Mcllvain, Mrs. Hugh 
Mcllvain, Mrs. J. Gibson 
Mcllvaine, Mrs. A. 

Mclnnes, Mrs. Walter S. 

Mclntire, A. Reed 
McKaig, Edgar S. 
McKean, Mrs. Bispham 
McKean, Mrs. Henry Pratt 
McKean, Nancy B. 
McKeever, William 
McKenzie, R. Tait 
McKinlay, Marion W. 
McKinney, Mrs. Ramsey, Jr. 
McLain, Mrs. Louis 
McLean, Mrs. Charles V. 
McLean, Charlotte F. 
McLean, Mrs. Robert 
McLean, Robert L. 
McLean, Mrs. William 

McLellan, Ralph 
McManus, Charles J. 
McMichael, Mrs. Charles B. 
McMillan, Mrs. Leighton G. 
McMillan, Thomas M. 
McMullan, James 
McNeal, Mr. and Mrs. D. 

McOwen, Mrs. Frederick 
McPheeters, Mrs. J. W. 
McShea.John B. 
Mead, Arthur B. 
Mead, Mrs. L. L. 
Meade, George G. 
Mebus, Charles F. 
Mechling, Mrs. B. Franklin, 

Mechling, Mrs. Edward A. 
Meehan, Alice 
Meehan, Ellen F. 
Megargee, Mrs. George M. 
Meigs, Mrs. John F., 2nd 
Melley, Dennis J. 
Mellor, Walter 
Melrath, Earle B. 
Menzen, F. Paul 
Merrick, J. Vaughan 
Merrick, Mary R. 
Merrick, Mrs. Rodney K. 
Merrick, Mrs. Samuel 

Mertz, Oscar E. 
Mertz, Walter S. 
Merz, Leon 
Metcalf, F. R. 
Meyers, Mrs. Fanette 
Michel, George 
Mickle, Mrs. Robert T. 
Middleton, Clara 
Middleton, Mrs. Wilmer 
Milholland, Frederic A. 

Miller, Arthur William 
Miller, E. Spencer 
Miller, George 
Miller, Harrison F. 
Miller, Hugh McCauley 
Miller, Mrs. James C. 
Miller, Jeanette C. 
Miller, Vernon B. 
Miller, Virginia P. 
Miller, W. E. G. 
Miller, Walter P., Jr. 
Mills, Thomas 
Millville Manufacturing 

Milne, Mrs. Caleb J., Jr. 
Milne, Mrs. Caleb J., 3rd 
Milne, Mrs. David 
Milne, Francis F., Jr. 
Minehart, Mrs. John R. 
Mink, George W., Jr. 
Mirkil, Mrs. I. Hazelton 
Mitchell, Charles D. 
Mitchell, Mrs. J. Clayton 
Mitchell, Samuel P. 
Moffatt, Mrs. James H. 
Moffly, William T. 
Mohr, Howard K. 
Monck, Edward P. 
Monroe, Eleanor P. 
Montgomery, Mrs. Robert J. 
Montgomery, Mrs. R.J. 
Montgomery, R. L. 
Montgomery, Mrs. T. L. 
Montgomery, W. W., Jr. 
Moody, Mrs. Lewis F. 
Moore, Mrs. Charles J. 
Moore, Edgar B. 
Moore, Mrs. Edward K. 
Moore, Mrs. H. McKnight 
Moore, Mrs. Henry D. 
Moore, J. Clark, Jr. 
Moore, William G. 
Moorhouse, Mrs. H. Wilson 
Moosberger, Fred 
Morand, Mrs. Cyril 
Morford, W. B. 
Morgan, Mrs. F. Corlies 
Morgan, Mrs. Hallowell V. 
Morgan, Mrs. John B. 
Morgan, Mrs. Marshall S. 
Morgan, Mrs. Reed A. 
Morganthaler Brothers 
Morie, Irene 

Morrell, Mrs. Edward deV. 
Morrell, Richard B. 
Morris, Mrs. Armand V. 


Morris, Mrs. A. Saunders 
Morris, Beekman 
Morris, C. C. 
Morris, Mrs. Caspar W. 
Morris, Elizabeth R. 
Morris, Ellen 
Morris, Henry S. 
Morris, I. Wistar 
Morris, Margaret E. 
Morris, Mrs. Marriott C. 
Morris, Mrs. P. Hollings- 

Morris, Mrs. William Paul 
Morrison, Frank A. 
Morrison, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. 
Mortimer, S. H. 
Mortimoore, Mrs. Charles 
Morton, Mrs. Albert W. 
Moser, Mrs. Lester J. 
Moss, Mrs. R. Owen Hunter 
Mostertz, Fred W. 
Mott, Marian 
Moyer, Harry R. 
Mueller, Charles G. 
Muir, Ophelia 
Mulford, Mrs. Spencer K. 
Mulford, Mr. and Mrs. 

Spencer K., Jr. 
Munro, Mrs. Hugh F. 
Murphy, Helen B. 
Murphy, Jane M. 
Murphy, J. Prentice 
Murphy, Mrs. John A. 
Murphy, Thomas E. 
Murtagh, Mrs. J. C. 
Musser, Mrs. Charles S. 
Musser, Mrs. John H. 
Myers, George deB. 
Myers, W. Hey ward 
Nahm, George A. 
Nalle, Mrs. Jesse 
Nash, Edgar Smiley 
Nasife, Mrs. Sydney 
Nassau, Mrs. Charles F. 
Neal, S. H. 
Neale, James B. 
Nece, Harry A. 
Neely, James P. 
Neely, M. Y. 
Nefferdorf, Margaret A. 
Neilson, Mrs. Lewis 
Nesbit, Mrs. Thorpe 
Nevin, Mrs. Charles W. 
Newbold, Mrs. Arthur E., 

Newbold, Mrs. David 
Newbold, Mrs. Eugene S. 

Newbold, Mr. and Mrs. 

John DaCosta, Jr. 
Newbold, John S. 
Newbold, Mrs. Trenchard E. 
Newburger, Frank L. 
Newhall, Black well 
Newhall, C. Stevenson 
Newhall, Morton L. 
Newhall, Mrs. Robert S. 
Newhall, William Price 
Newkirk, Martha Bacon 
Newlin, Mrs. E. Mortimer 
Newlin, Nicholas 
Newlin, Mrs. Richard M. 
Newman, A. G. 
Newman, A.Joseph 
Newman, Mrs. Florence V. 
Newman, N. 
Newton, A. G. 
Newton, I. G. 
Niblo, James M. 
Nice, Budd G. 
Nice, Eugene E. 
Nice, Martin T. 
Nicholas, James Forsythe 
Nicholas, Samuel 
Nichols, Roy F. 
Nicholson, Mrs. J. 

Nickle, Mrs. S. P. 
Niemann, Elizabeth 
Nimlet, Virginia C. 
Nixon, Mrs. Horace F. 
Norris, Mrs. A. A. 
Norris, George W. 
Norris, Harry A. 
Norris, Mrs. John C. 
Norris, Mrs. Joseph Parker 
Norris, Mrs. Richard 
Norris, S. Walter 
Norris, Mrs. William 

North, C. Ruth 
North, Ralph H. 
Noyes, Mrs. B. 
Oakford, Frances S. 
Oakley, Mrs. Imogen B. 
Oakley, Mrs. Thornton 
Obdyke, William A. 
Oberge, Ullericka H. 
Obermayer, Henry M. 
Obermayer, Leon J. 
Ockner, Rebecca 
Oeters, Edgar O. 
O'Brien, Mrs. Thomas D. 
Oelbcrmann, Mrs. Julius 
O'Harra, Mrs. I. Harrison 

Okie, R. Brognard 

Oliphant, Mrs. S. E. 

O'Loane, R. P. 

O'Neal, Alexander 

O'Neill, Alice M. 

O'Neill, Andrew 

O'Neill, Marie E. 

O'Neill, Mrs. W. Paul 

Opie, Eugene L. 

Opie, Mrs. Eugene L. 

Ord, R. Laird 

Orlady, George Phillips 

Orlemann, Henry P. 

Orr, George P. 

Ortlip, Harry S. 

Osborn, Henry Fairfield, Jr. 

Ott, George E. 

Otter, Robert S. 

Otto, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 

Owen, L. V. P. 
Packard, Charles S. W. 
Packard, Mrs. Francis R. 
Packard, Mrs. George R. 
Packard, Mrs. John H., 3rd 
Page, George Bispham 
Page, Mrs. Howard Wurts 
Page, Mrs. Robert H. 
Page, Robert Holmes 
Page, Mrs. Robert Holmes 
Painter, Mrs. H. B. 
Paisley, Harry E. 
Pancoast, Mrs. Albert 
Pancoast, Henry B. 
Pancoast, Mrs. H. K. 
Pancoast, W. Howard 
Pardee, Mrs. Calvin 
Pardi, Justin A. 
Paret, Louis French 
Park, Marion Edwards 
Park, Mrs. Richard Gray 
Park, Thomas 
Parke, Margaret A. 
Parker, Mrs. Edward W. 
Parlin, Charles C. 
Parlin, Mrs. Charles C. 
Parrish, E. M. 
Parrish, Morris L. 
Parrish, Mrs. Robert C. 
Parrott, Sylvester J. 
Parsly, Elmer G. 
Parsons, Ella 
Parvin, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Passavant, Henry E. 
Patrick, William H., Jr. 
Patten, Frank S. 
Patterson, Dora B. 


Patterson, Mrs. George 

Patterson, Mrs. John M. 
Patterson, Mrs. Theo. C. 
Patton, Henry B. 
Patton, Mrs. J. Lee 
Patton, Mrs. John W. 
Patton, Mrs. Robert 
Paul, A.J. Drexel 
Paul, Mrs. Henry N. 
Paul, John Rodman 
Paul, Theodore S. 
Paulson, Frances E. 
Peabody, Malcolm E. 
Peacock, Chauncey H. 
Pearce, Hollingsworth 
Pearce, Mrs. Jeffries 
Pearsall, H. W. 
Pearson, Elizabeth T. 
Pearson, Joshua Ash 
Pearson, Mrs. Joseph T. 
Pearson, R. G. 
Pease, Mrs. Henry H. 
Peck, Mrs. Arthur 
Pedrick, Lyola C. 
Peeples, A. M. 
Peiffer, Alfred H. 
Peirce, Thomas May, Jr. 
Peirson, Walter 
Pemberton, Ralph 
Pender, Harold 
Pendleton, Constance 
Penington, Mrs. Albin G. 
Pennegar, Mrs. Lee A. 
Pennsylvania Society of 

Miniature Painters 
Pennypacker, Mrs. B. A. 
Pennypacker, Beban A. 
Penrose, Valeria F. 
Pepper, Benjamin F. 
Pepper, Mrs. B. Franklin 
Pepper, Mrs. John W. 
Pepper, Mrs. O.H.Perry 
Pepper, Mrs. William Piatt 
Pequignot, L. E. 
Perilstein, Nathan 
Perkins, Mrs. T. H. Dudley 
Perkins, Walter W. 
Perot, Anne Lovering 
Perot, Justine E. 
Perrin, Charles C. 
Perry, Mrs. Harold R. 
Perry, Henry H. 
Peters, Justin 
Peters, Richard, Jr. 
Peters, Mrs. Thomas Willing 
Peterzell, Mrs. Abram 

Pcttinos, George F. 
Petty, Mrs. Orlando H. 
Petzold, Adolph 
Pew, Arthur E. 
Pew, Mrs. Arthur E. 
Pfaelzer, Mrs. Frank 
Pfahler, G. E. 
Pfatteicher, E. P. 
Pharo, Mrs. Walter W. 
Phelps, Alfred T. 
Philler, William R. 
Philler, Mrs. William R. 
Phillippe, Mrs. B. 

Phillips, Lucien 
Pierce, F. G. 
Piersol, Mrs. George A. 
Piersol, George M. 
Piersol, Mrs. George M. 
Pilling, W. S. 
Piper, Elizabeth G. 
Place, Louis V.,Jr. 
Piatt, Mrs. Charles, Jr. 
Piatt, Mrs. Charles, 3rd 
Piatt, Henry N. 
Piatt, John O. 
Plummet, Mrs. William T. 
Polk, Mrs. William D. 
Pollock, Mrs. Walter W. 
Pollock, William W. 
Pomerantz, A. 
Porcher, Samuel 
Porter, Mrs. Charles A., Jr. 
Porter, Eva 
Porter, J. Benton 
Porter Mrs. W. Hobart 
Porter, Mrs. William W. 
Post, Arthur E. 
Post, Mrs. L. Arnold 
Post, William 
Potsdamer, Joseph S. 
Potsdamer, Louis S. 
Pott, H. Rudolph 
Potter, Beverley R. 
Potter, Mrs. Beverley R. 
Potter, Charles A., Jr. 
Potts, Mrs. Horace Miles 
Potts, William M. 
Powel, T. I. Hare 
Powel, Mrs. T. I. Hare 
Powers, Mrs. Fred Perry 
Pratt, Mrs. Henry S. 
Pratt, John E. 
Pratt, Lysander P. 
Prevette, Earl 

Price, Mrs. Eli Kirk 
Price, Walter F. 
Prichard, E. Sydney 
Prime, Alice M. 
Prince, David Chandler 
Pugh, Joseph M. 
Purves, Mrs. Austin M. 
Purviance, Julia E. 
Putman, Mrs. Earl B. 
Putnam, Ralph C. 
Pyle, Mrs. Chester N. 
Quick, William H. W. 
Quimby, Hester A. 
Rader, Mrs. Archibald 

Raditz, Lazar 
Raff, A. Raymond 
Rainear, Mrs. C.J. 
Rakestraw, Fred 
Rambo, Oscar Nf. 
Ranck, Mrs. George N. 
Randolph, Mrs. L. Wister 
Ranken, Harold R. 
Rankin, Mrs. John Hall 
Ransley, Mrs. Harry Clay 
Ravdin, I. S. 
Rawle, James 
Rawle, Mrs. James 
Rawlins, Sarah Sully 
Rea, Robert W. 
Read, Mrs. Adele Von H. 
Read, Mrs. Charles N. 
Read, Helen P. 
Read, Mrs. W. B. 
Reading, S. H. 
Reath, B. Brannon, 2nd 
Reath, Mrs. Benjamin 
Reath, Theodore W. 
Reath, Mrs. Theodore W. 
Reath, Mrs. Thomas 
Reath, Thomas, Jr. 
Reber,J. Howard 
Rebman, Henry J. 
Rebmann, G. Ruhland, Jr. 
Rebmann, Walter 
Reckitt, William G. 
Redding, Walter C. 
Redman, Mrs. John L. 
Reed, Mrs. Alan H. 
Reed, Anna M. 
Reed, Homerjr. 
Reed, Jacob, Sons 
Reed, Luther D. 
Reed, Mrs. Samuel L. 
Reel, Ida Virginia 
Reeves, Mrs. Alfred Scull 
Reeves, Mrs. F. B., Jr. 


Reeves, Mrs. Horace A. 
Reger, William A. 
Reichart, Emma H. 
Reige, A. C. 
Reilly, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Reilly, Mrs. J. Ridgway 
Reilly, Mrs. Mary Allen 
Reilly, Peter 
Remmey, Richard C, Son 

Reuss, Mr. and Mrs. 

Edward H., Jr. 
Rhoads, J. Snowdon 
Rhoads, Mrs. Logan 
Rhoads, Lydia W. 
Ricci, Armando T. 
Rice, Mrs. Muriel Miller 
Richards, Esther A. 
Richardson, Frederick 
Richardson, Grace P. 
Richardson, Thomas D. 
Richardson, Tolbert N. 
Richardson, Mrs. Tolbert N. 
Richardson, William H. 
Richmond, Francis H. 
Ridenour, W. E. 
Riehle, William J. 
Ries, Albert 
Ries, Mrs. Walter G. 
Riesman, David 
Rigg, Walter A. 
Riggs, Robert 
Ringgold, I. H. 
Ristine, Mrs. Charles S. 
Ritchie, Mrs. C. L. 
Riter, Mrs. Michael M., Jr. 
Rittase, William M. 
Rivinus, Mrs. E. Florens 
Robb Mrs. David B. 
Robb, Mrs. Henry B. 
Robb, John W. 
Robbins, Mrs. Edward C. 
Robbins, George S. 
Roberts, Mrs. A. C. 
Roberts, Caryl 
Roberts, Charles B. 
Roberts, Charles C. 
Roberts, Charles H. 
Roberts, Mrs. Charles H. 
Roberts, Clarence V. 
Roberts, Mrs. Francis M. 
Roberts, George Brooke 
Roberts, George W. B. 
Roberts, Mrs. George W. B. 
Roberts, Graham 
Roberts, H. Radclyffe 
Roberts, Irene S. 

Roberts, Isaac W. 
Roberts, Mrs. John B. 
Roberts, Mrs. John B. 
Roberts, Owen J. 
Roberts, William H. 
Robins, Mrs. Edward 
Robins, Helen H. 
Robinson, Mrs. Alex P. 
Robinson, Mrs. Dwight 

Robinson, Mrs. Louis 

Robinson, Mrs. Samuel 
Robinson, Mrs. V. Gilpin 
Robinson, W.J. 
Rockefeller, Mrs. Nelson A. 
Rogers, James S. 
Rogers, Mrs. James S. 
Rolfe, Mrs. John C. 
Roma, Mrs. Frank 
Roma, Louis 
Root, Mary L. 
Rorer, Elizabeth U. 
Rose, Ivan Murray 
Rosenbach, M. P. 
Rosenbaum, Leon 
Rosenbaum, Robert 
Rosenbaum, Samuel 
Rosenblum, Adolph 
Rosengarten, Mrs. Adolph G. 
Rosengarten, George D. 
Rosengarten, Mrs. Harold 
Rosengarten, Mr. and Mrs. 

J. Clifford 
Rosenthal, Albert 
Rosenwald, Mrs. Lessing J. 
Ross, Emma 
Ross, Mrs. Henry A. 
Ross, Sophia L. 
Ross, T. Edward 
Ross, Mrs. Thomas 
Ross, Mrs. Walter Lewis, Jr. 
Rossell, Mrs. Axel 
Rossiter, Mrs. T. Frank 
Rossmassler, Elfrida 
Roth, David A. 
Roth, George J. 
Roth, Henry W. 
Rothe, M. H. 
Rowen, Elmer 
Rowland, Howard L. 
Rowland, Mrs. Louis H. 
Rowland, Mrs. W. O. 
Royer, Mrs. B. Frank 
Rulon-Miller, S. 
Rumpp, Herman C. 
Rumpp, Marie W. 

Rumpp, William A. 
Runk, Louis B. 
Runyan, Stanford K. 
Rush, Mrs. Arthur T. 
Rush, Julia 
Russell, Mrs. C.J. 
Russell, N. F. S. 
Russell, William H. 
Rust, Harry B. 
Rutberg, Edward H. 
Ryan, Mrs. Elizabeth T. 
Ryan, Michael J. 
Ryan, Thomas F. 
Ryder, Elizabeth A. 
Ryder, Grace G. 
Sabatino, Felix 
Sablosky, A. 
Sachs, Carl 
Sachsenmaier, George 
Sackett, Mrs. Franklin P. 
Sadtler, Samuel S. 
Sage, Mrs. Harry W. 
Sailer, Mrs. Andrew 

Sailer, Emily W. 
Salom, Mrs. Pedro G. 
Salus, Mrs. A. 
Sammartino, Julia 
Samuel, Bernard 
Sanson, Mrs. Albert W. 
Santamarie, L.J. 
Sargent, Mrs. Winthrop 
Sartori, Mrs. Frank A. 
Saul, Mrs. Maurice B. 
Saul, Maurice Bower 
Saul, Mr. and Mrs. 

Walter Biddle 
Saull, Elizabeth 
Sauter, William F. 
Savage, Mrs. D. Fitzhugh 
Savage, Mrs. Ernest C. 
Savett, M. S. 
Sawtelle, William Otis 
Sax, Percival M. 
Saylor, Harold D. 
Sayre, Frank G. 
Scanlon, Charles A. 
Scatchard, William 
Scattergood, Mrs. Alfred G. 
Scattergood, Mrs. J. Henry 
Scattergood, Mrs. Thomas 
Schaeffer, Frederick C. 
Schaffer, William I. 
Schaffer, Mrs. William I. 
Schaffhauser, Elizabeth D. 
Schamberg, J. Frank 
Schamberg, Mrs. Jay F. 


Schaner, W. B. 
Scheffey, Lewis C. 
Schell, S. Gertrude 
Schenck, Eunice Morgan 
Schenck, Julius 
Schick, Elma H. 
Schick, Martha K. 
Schiedt, Cornelia 
Schinz, Albert 
Schirmer, Walter F. 
Schlacks, Charles H. 
Schlegel, Carl A. 
Schmid, Frederick 
Schmidt, William A. 
Schnader, Mrs. William A. 
Schneider, Mrs. Karl 
Schneyer, M. L. 
Schoales, C. B. 
Schoettlc, Mrs. Edwin J. 
Schoettle, Mary F. 
Schoettle, Ralph J. 
Schoettle, Wm. C. 
Schoff, Mrs. Leonard H. 
Schofield, Mrs. Charles S. 
Schofield, Mrs. Everett A. 
Scholder, Harry 
Schorr, George J. 
Schriver, Mr. and Mrs. 

Norman H. 
Schwab, Mrs. Clarence J. 
Schwacke.John Strubing 
Schwalbe, H. O. 
Schwartz, Anthony 
Schwartz, Mrs. Charles 

Schwartz, Samuel 
Schwartz, William 
Schwarz, William Tefft 
Schwefler, Herman F. 
Scott, Mrs. Alexander H. 
Scott, Alice A. 
Scott, Mrs. Arthur Hoyt 
Scott, Edgar 
Scott, Ernest 
Scott, Florence B. 
Scott, Hannah Lewis 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. J. 

Hutchison, Jr. 
Scott, Mrs. John Scanlin 
Scott, Richard S. 
Scott, Thomas M. 
Scott, William M. 
Scran ton, Mrs. George E. 
Scull, Mrs. William C. 
Scull, William Ellis 
Scull, Mrs. William S. 

Scalcy, Nettie M. 
Seeds, Mathilde 
Seeley, Mrs. Oscar 
Seiler, Walter 
Seiss, Linnic J. 
Selig, Sol 

Sellers, Mrs. Alexander 
Sellers, Mrs. Horace Wells 
Sellers, Mrs. Howard 
Seltzer, Mrs. R.J. 
Sender, Arthur C. 
Serody, Michael 
Serrill, A. M. 
Serrill, Mrs. William J. 
Sessler, Charles 
Sessler.J. Leonard 
Sexton, Mr. and Mrs. 

William Lord 
Shaffer, Mrs. A. C. 
Shaffer, Mrs. Thomas C. 
Shakespeare, Edward O. 
Shakespeare, Mrs. Edward O. 
Shallcross, Thomas, Jr. 
Shand, Helen E. 
Shannon, Amanda J. 
Shannon, C. E. G. 
Sharp, Mrs. Henry E. 
Sharp, Joseph W.,Jr. 
Sharp, Mrs. Marie B. 
Sharp, Mrs. Walter P. 
Sharpies, Mrs. Francis W. 
Sharpies, Mrs. Philip T. 
Sharpless, S. Franklin 
Shay, Howell Lewis 
Shea, William E. 
Shearer, H. Maris 
Shearman, Esther M. 
Sheble, Mrs. Frank J. 
Sheble, Mrs. J. Howard, Jr. 
Sheer, Philip L., & Son 
Sheldon, O. D. 
Shellenberger, Mrs. Charles 

Shelly, George C. 
Shepard, Frederick M. 
Shepard, William V. K. 
Shepherd, Samuel G. 
Sheppard, Mrs. A. Maxwell 
Sheridan, Mrs. Thomas A. 
Sherman, Mrs. Francis 
Sherrerd, Mrs. Henry D. M. 
Sherrerd, William D., Jr. 
Shick, Robert P. 
Shields, J. Franklin 
Shilcock, Clarence J. 

Shillard-Smith, Mrs. C. 

Shingle, Lester H. 

Shipley, Mrs. Samuel R. 

Shipley, Thomas Emlen 

Shipley, William E. 

Shoch, Nettie A. 

Shoe, V. E. 

Shoemaker, Benjamin H. 

Shoemaker, Mrs. Edwin 

Shoemaker, Mrs. Harvey 

Shoemaker, Mary W. 

Shoemaker, Mrs. William T. 

Short, Joseph A. 

Shrigley, Arthur 

Shrigley, Ethel Austin 

Shryock, Genevieve 

Shubert, Allan E. 

Shull, Charles E. 

Shull, Charles J. 

Shulzc, Mrs. Charles A. 

Shumway, Robert 

Shupert,J. Malissa 

Shupp, Mary R. 

Shuster, Frank H. 

Shute, E. L. 

Sibley, Florence 

Sibley, Walter G. 

Sidebotham, Mrs. H. W. 

Silance, L. M. 

Sill, Mrs. Harold Mont- 

Silverman, Mrs. Charles 

Simon, Elmer D. 

Simon, Grant M. 

Simons, Herbert 

Simons, Laird 

Simonsen, Paul H.J. 

Simpson, George L. 

Simpson, J. Coulson 

Simpson, William, 3rd 

Sims, Mrs. Lancelot F. 

Sinclair, John S. 

Siner, Mr. and Mrs. 
Raymond K. 

Singer, Edgar A., Jr. 

Singer, Jacob 

Sinkler, Julia 

Sinnickson, Mrs. Charles 

Sinnock.John Ray 

Sioussat, St. George L. 


Siter, E. Hollingsworth 

Siter, Mrs. E. Hollingsworth 

Skerrett, Dorothy W. 

Skerrett, Mrs. W. Henry W. 

Skctchley, William W. 


Skinkcr, Mrs. Alexander R. 
Sklar, M. 

Slade, Mrs. Alexander T. 
Slater, Helen 
Slattery, Joseph A. 
Slifer, Levina 
Sloan, Mrs. Burrows 
Sloan, Malachi W. 
Smaltz, Elizabeth F. 
Smaltz, Mrs. John H. 
Smedley, William H. 
Smith, Alfred Percival 
Smith, Mrs. Allen J. 
Smith, Mrs. Arthur D. 
Smith, Charles H. 
Smith, Clarence E. 
Smith, Mrs. Edward W. 
Smith, Ely J. 
Smith, Ethel 
Smith, Mrs. F. P. 
Smith, Mrs. G. M. 
Smith, H. Harrison 
Smith, Harry D. 
Smith, Mrs. Harry F. 
Smith, Haseltine 
Smith, J. Somers 
Smith, Jessie Willcox 
Smith, Joseph P. 
Smith, Mrs. Manning J. 
Smith, Margaret E. 
Smith, Mary C. 
Smith, Mary Grubb 
Smith, Noel W. 
Smith, Oscar L. 
Smith, Mrs. S. Calvin 
Smith, S. Russell 
Smith, T. Learning 
Smith, Walter Bassett 
Smith, Mrs. Wikoff 
Smolens, Mrs. M. 
Smucker, Edwin M. 
Snedaker, E. Raymond 
Snellenburg, A. 
Snellenburg, Mrs. Harry H. 
Snellenburg, Joseph N. 
Snellenburg, Lenore 
Snellenburg, Mrs. Morton E. 
Snitcher, Rachel W. 
Snyder, George H. 
Snyder, M. L. 
Snyder, Mrs. R. Maurice 
Snyder, Mrs. Willard P. 
Sobernheimer, Mrs. 

Frederick A. 
Solis-Cohen, Bertha F. 
Solis-Cohen, Mrs. Hays 
Solis-Cohen, Mrs. Leon 

Somers, James A. 
Sonneborn, George A. 
South, Mr. and Mrs. Walter 
Spahr, Murray, H. f Jr. 
Spangler.John L. 
Speiser, Mrs. Herbert A. 
Speiser, Maurice J. 
Spellissy, Mrs. Amy W. 
Spencer, Arthur 
Spretor, R. F. 
Staake, Caroline L. 
Stager, Stanley R. 
Stair, Mrs. Jacob, Jr. 
Stalcup, E. N. 
Staley, Mrs. Frank 
Staman,John P. 
Stanton, Charles L. 
Starkweather, John K. 
Starr, Mrs. Edward 
Starr, Floyd T. 
Starr, Lewis 
Stathers, F. R. 
Stead, Robert 
Stecker, Mrs. P.Jack 
Stecker, Mrs. Robert D. 
Steeble, William Hill 
Steed, Mrs. Robert W. 
Steel, A. G. B. 
Steel, Joseph A. 
Steel, Mariana J. 
Steel, Phil S. 
Steel, Warner J. 
Steele, David M. 
Steere, Mrs. Jonathan M. 
Stehle, Mrs. Charles 
Stehley, Mary K. 
Stein, Mrs. Emma T. 
Steinmetz, Francis C. 
Steinmetz, Mrs. Joseph A. 
Stellwagen, Herbert P. 
Stem, Samuel G. 
Stem, Mrs. Samuel G. 
Stephano, Christopher 
Sterling, Philip 
Stern, Bertha 
Stern, C. A. 
Stern, Mrs. Horace 
Stern, Mrs. J. David 
Stern, Mrs. Milton 
Sternberger, Mrs. M. K. 
Sterner, George 
Stetson, John B.,Jr. 
Stevens, John C. 
Stevens, Mrs. John C. 
Stevens, Richard K. 
Stevenson, Clare B. 
Stevenson, Dorothy G. 

Steward, Alice P. 
Stewardson, Eleanor P. 
Stewart, Anne 
Stewart, Ruth Bitting 
Stewart, Mrs. Thomas S. 
Stewart, Walter D. 
Stief, David R. 
Stifel, Virginia 
Stillmun.John F. 
Stinson, C. A. 
Stinson, Mrs. Robert M. 
Stirling, Mrs. Edmund 
Stoddart, Harry T. 
Stoer, W. Fred 
Stokes, Mrs. Charles P. 
Stokes, Francis J. 
Stokes, Henry W. 
Stokes, Mrs. S. Emlen 
Stokes, Mrs. W. Standlcy 
Stokes, Mrs. Walter 
Stone, Frank S. 
Stone, Mrs. Hugh E. 
Stone, Mr. and Mrs. 

James K. 
Stormfeltz, Mrs. Elvira K. 
Story, Mrs. Julian 
Stout, Mrs. A. L. 
Stout, Frank W. 
Stout, George Clymer 
Stout, Mary Ridgway 
Stout, Philip S. 
Stradley, Leighton P. 
Strahley, Lewis W., Jr. 
Strawbridge, Anne W. 
Strawbridge, Edward R., 

Strawbridge, Mrs. Francis R. 
Strawbridge, Gordon W. 
Strawbridge, Mrs. Robert E. 
Strittmatter, I. P. 
Stroebele, Mrs. K. M. 
Stroock, Bertram A. 
Stroud, Edward A. 
Stroud, Morris W. 
Stuart, Mrs. George H., 3rd 
Stuart, Gordon 
Stulb, Joseph R. 
Stull, Evelyn Lewis 
Sturgis, Robert 
Sullivan, Edith 
Sullivan, R. Livingston 
Sullivan, Stanley J. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Thomas D. 
Summers, Elmer K. 
Sumner, Eliot 
Sundheim, Mrs. Harry G. 
Supplee, Mrs. Walter B. 


Sussel, Arthur J. 
Sutherland, Abby A. 
Sutherland, Mrs. Dorothy W. 
Swaab, Ruth 
Swan, Mrs. George 
Swartley, Henry C. 
Sweeny, Barbara 
Sweeny, Mary B. 
Swoboda, Gustav 
Swoyer, A. Elizabeth 
Sykes, James A. 
Sykesjohn W. 
Symons, W. L. 
Szall.John B. 
Taber, Donald C. 
Taine, Louis N. 
Talbot, Mrs. Arnold G. 
Talimer, Mrs. Bernard 
Talley, Mrs. James E. 
Tallman, Mrs. Frank G. 
Taney, Cecil M. 
Tappen, Margaret P. 
Tatnall, H. Chace 
Tatnall, Henry 
Tatum, Mrs. Richard Parry 
Taws, Henry M. 
Taws, John H. 
Taylor, Florence E. 
Taylor, H. Birchard 
Taylor, John G. 
Taylor, Mrs. J. Madison 
Taylor, Mrs. John M. 
Taylor, Lawrence N. 
Taylor, Louis B. 
Taylor, Presley Morgan 
Taylor, Mrs. Presley 

Taylor, Mrs. Roland L. 
Taylor, William J. 
Taylor, Mrs. William J. 
Taylor, Mrs. William Rivers 
Teller, W. H. 
Temple, Edward B. 
Thatcher, Mrs. A. G. 
Thatcher, William H. 
Thayer, Mr. and Mrs. 

Harry C. 
Thayer, Mrs. John B. 
Thayer, Mrs. John B., 3rd 
Thayer, Mrs. Joseph T. 
Theel, William L. 
Thole, Francis H. 
Thomas, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Thomas, J. Frederick 
Thomas, M. Carey 
Thomas, Mabel L. H. 
Thomas, Pauline E. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. 

Walter Horstmann 
Thompson, Mrs. Charles I. 
Thompson, Jane 
Thompson, John P. 
Thompson, Mrs. Justice M. 
Thompson, Mrs. R. Ellison 
Thompson, Mrs. T. Mason 
Thompson, Robert J. 
Thompson, W.J. 
Thomson, Mrs. W. S. 
Thorington, Mrs. J. Monroe 
Thorington, Mrs. James 
Thorn, Mary 
Thouron, Mrs. Nicholas 
Tidball, Mrs. William 
Tietze, Charles F. 
Tilden, Marmaduke, Jr. 
Tilly, Gertrude E. 
Timanus, Mrs. J. H. R. 
Tinney, William P. 
Titus, Mrs. Robert R. 
Todd, Anne Hampton 
Todd, Jean Miller 
Toland, Mrs. Owen J. 
Torrey, Robert G. 
Town, Edwin C. 
Townsend, Caspar W. B. 
Townsend, Mrs. Edward P. 
Townsend, Edward Y. 
Townsend, Mrs. Frederick 

Townsend, Mrs. J. B. 
Townsend, Mrs. John W. 
Tracy, Mrs. Henry M. 
Trask, Mrs. John E. D. 
Troth, Mrs. Edward Osborne 
Trotter, Helen 
Trotter, William Henry 
Trumbauer, J. Robert 
Tryon, Charles Z. 
Tryon, F. Arline 
Tucker, Mrs. Chester E. 
Tucker, Mrs. Gabriel 
Tucker, Mrs. Henry 
Turner, Carolyn 
Turner, Florence 
Turner, Mrs. William Jay 
Tustin, Mrs. Ernest L. 
Tuttle, William C. 
Twining.John E. 
Tyler, Charles A. 
Tyler, Mrs. Cory don C. 
Tyler, George F. 
Tyler, Mrs. George F. 
Tyler, Helen B. 
Tyler, Mary Graham 

Tyre, Philip S. 
Tyson, Mrs. Charles M. 
Underdown, Mrs. Henry T. 
Urquhart, Mrs. George W. 
Vail, Mrs. Louis dcPuy 
Valle, Mrs. I. Bodine 
VanDusen, Mrs. George R. 
VanDusen, Lewis H. 
VanLeer, Mrs. William M. 
Van Pelt, Mrs. Andrew 
VanPelt, Gertrude 
VanPelt, Mrs. John 
VanRensselaer, Alexander 
VanSciver, Earl J. 
VanSciver, J. Bishop 
Vauclain, Mrs. Andrew C. 
Vauclain, Samuel M. 
Vaughan, Charles Z. 
Vaux, Mrs. J. Wain 
Vellner, Eugene 
Verner, Mrs. William R. 
Vernon, Frank L. 
Vetterlein, Mrs. Wayne S. 
Vieweg, B. F. 
Vigilant, Mills 
Vincent, Mrs. H. G. G. 
Vogdes, Joseph J. 
Von Moschzisker, Mrs. 

Voorhees, Harlow C. 
Voorhees, Theodore C. 
Voss, Frederick J. 
Wagner, George Ellwood 
Wagner, Mrs. Jesse L. 
Wagner, John 
Wagner, Joseph Wood 
Wagner, Louis 
Wagner, Louis M. 
Wagner, Paul C. 
Wagner, Mrs. William M. 
Wagoner, George 
Wait, Mrs. Oliver Babcock 
Walbaum, Mrs. William H. 
Walker, D. F. 
Walker, Herschel C. 
Walker, Isabella 
Walker,James A. 
Walker, Robert C. 
Walker, William W. 
Walkling, Adolph A. 
Wallace, Elizabeth S. 
Wallace, John C. 
Waller, L. O. 
Wallower, Allan 
Walsh, Mrs. Basil S. 
Walsh, George W. 


Walter, Harry E. 
Walter, Simon 
Walters, Lynford S. 
Walters, William H. 
Walton, Mrs. Charles S., Jr. 
Walton, Dorothea 
Walton, Horace Andrews 
Waltz, Mrs. Edward A. 
Warburton, Mrs. Barclay H. 
Warburton, G. A. 
Warden, Clarence A. 
Warden, Mrs. W. G. 
Warne, Mrs. Edward P. 
Warner, Mrs. M. B. 
Warner, Mildred S. 
Warner, Walter 
Warnock, James, Jr. 
Warren, F. V. 
Warren, Hassel A. 
Warren, William C. 
Warrick, William H., Jr. 
Warthman, Mrs. J. Harris 
Warwick, Edward 
Washburn, Louis C. 
Washington, George L. 
Wasserman, Elizabeth D. 
Wasserman, William Stix 
Wasson, Frederick E. 
Waters, Mrs. Edw. Austin 
Watkins, William Bell 
Watmough, Minnie 

Watson, Frank R. 
Watson, Helen 
Watson, John W. 
Wayne, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. 
Wayne, Laura J. 
Wayne, William, Jr. 
Wear, Mrs. Joseph Walker 
Webber, Mrs. Harold 
Weber, David 
Weber, Ernest G. 
Weber, F. W. 
Weber, Louis, Sr. 
Webster, Mrs. Warren, Jr. 
Weeks, Mrs. Horace F. 
Weger, Frank L. 
Weightman, Martha T. R. 
Weihenmayer, Harry W. 
Weil, Benjamin 
Weild, Charles M. 
Weill, Mrs. Alfred S. 
Weinberg, S. 
Weinstein, Jacob I. 
Weisenbach, Mrs. Fred 
Weissgerger, George J. 
Welsh, Charles E. 

Welsh, C. N. 
Welsh, William Henry 
Wendler, Mrs. Paul B. 
Wenger, Mrs. Morris 
Wenner, Robert E. 
Wentz, Mrs. Charles R. 
Werner, Adolph, Jr. 
Wessel, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
West, Harrv F. 
West, Isabel D. 
West, William 
West, W. M. 
West, W. Nelson 
Weston, Mrs. Frederick W. 
Wetherill, Francis M. 
Wetherill, Mrs. Francis M. 
Wetherill, Herbert J. 
Wetherill, John Price, Jr. 
Wetherill, Samuel P., Jr. 
Wetherill, Mrs. Samuel 

Wetherstine, H. H. 
Wetter, Charles G. 
Wetzel, Walter 
Weyl, Esther M. 
Weyl, Julius 
Wheeler, Janet D. 
Wheeler, Walter S. 
Wheelock, Louis W. 
Wheelwright, Robert 
Whelen, Mrs. T. Duncan 
Whelen, Mrs. William 

Whitaker, James L. 
Whitaker, Ralph 
White, Mrs. Barclay 
White, Elizabeth Gibbons 
White, Mrs. Howard 
White, J. Atwood 
White, Mrs. J. M. 
White, Margaret Gibbons 
White, Raymond A., Jr. 
White, Mrs. William 
Whiteman, Mrs. John B. 
Whitman, Stephen F. and 

Whitney, Mrs. W. Beaumont 
Whitridge, Mrs. Roland B. 
Whittaker, Mrs. Frederick S. 
Whyte, William E. 
Wick Narrow Fabric 

Widener, Mrs. P. A. B., 2nd 
Wiederseim, Theodore E. 
Wiedersheim, Mrs. William 

A., 2nd 

Wigton, Frank H. 
Wigton, Mrs. Frank H. 
Wilbur, Rollin Henry 
Wilbur, Mrs. Rollin Henry 
Wilcox, Mrs. James M. 
Wilhelm, Charles 
Wilkins, George W. 
Willard, DeForest P. 
Willcox, Mrs. William J. 
Willet, Henry Lee 
Willey, Mrs. Guy A. 
William Penn Charter 

Williams, Mrs. Carroll R. 
Williams, Mrs. Charles 
Williams, F. Churchill 
Williams, Horace J. 
Williams, Mrs. John Kirk 
Williams, Joseph D. 
Williams, Mrs. Julia W. 
Williams, Mrs. Leonard 

Williams, Rae 
Williams, Sidney 
Williams, Thomas S. 
Williams, Mrs. Thomas S. 
Willing, Charles 
Willing, Edward Shippen 
Willing, Mrs. Edward 

Willing, J. Kent 
Wills, Frank A. 
Willson, Mrs. Laurence 

Willson, Olive Strong 
Willson, Thomas H. 
Wilmer, Mrs. Harry B. 
Wilmer, Mrs. Peregrine 
Wilmeth, James L. 
Wilson, Mrs. G. M. 
Wilson, Hamilton M. 
Wilson, Mrs. J. Howard 
Wilson, Joseph R. 
Wilson, Percy H., Jr. 
Wilson, Russell 
Wilson, Mrs. Stanley E. 
Wilson, Mrs. W. Reynolds 
Wilson, Mrs. William K. 
Wilson, Mrs. Wyle T. 
Wiltbank, Mrs. G. M. 
Windner, Julius 
Wineland, Helen B. 
Winlock, Mrs. George Lane 
Winsor, James D.,Jr. 
Winston, Maurice J. 
Wintersteen, Mrs. John 
Wire, Jean Marion 


Wirkman, Emanuel W. 
Wirz, Mrs. H. M. 
Wissler, Jessie M. 
Wistar, Rebecca B. 
Wister, Mrs. Charles Jones 
Wister, Mrs. Lewis W. 
Wister, Mary C. 
Wittmann, A. H. 
Wohlert, A. E. 
Wolf, Mrs. Albert 
Wolf, Mrs. Benjamin 
Wolf, Howard A. 
Wolf, Louis 
Wolfe, Joseph L.N. 
Wolstenholme, Mrs. 

Wonderly, Abner H. 
Wood, Mrs. Alexander C, Jr. 
Wood, Mrs. Arthur King 
Wood, Mrs. Charles R. 
Wood, Mrs. Edward F. R. 
Wood, Mrs. George 
Wood, George Bacon 
Wood, Grahame 
Wood, Mrs. Grahame 
Wood, Mrs. Horatio C. 
Wood, Howard 
Wood, M. Louise 
Wood.R. G.Jr. 

Woodall, Mrs. John 
Woodruff, Mrs. Clinton 

Woods, Mrs. Ralph 
Woodward, Clara 
Woodward, Gertrude H. 
Woodward, Mrs. Samuel 
Woolman, Mrs. Edward 
Woolman, Henry Newbold 
Woolman, Mrs. Henry 

Woolman, Josephine T. 
Woolston, Hannah H. 
Worrall, Mrs. Nathan Y. 
Worth, Mrs. George S. 
Worthington, Mrs. Amos 
Wright, Alice M. 
Wright, Mrs. F. S. _ 
Wright, Mrs. Harrison B. 
Wright, Mrs. H.J. 
Wright, Mrs. Joseph V. 
Wright, Mrs. Minturn T. 
Wright, Mrs. Robert C. 
Wright, William Townsend 
Wurzel, Maurice L. 
Yarnall, Mr. and Mrs. D. 

Yarnall, Mrs. Howard E. 

Yates, Philip M. 
Yeager, George C. 
Yeatman, Georgina Pope 
Yellin, Samuel 
Yerkes, R. K. 
Yocom, Stanley 
Yocum, A. H. 
York, Edward H., Jr. 
Young, Anna Gardner 
Young, Mrs. Bessie F. 
Young, Mrs. Edgar E. 
Young, H. C. 
Young, Mrs. James H. 
Zafran, H. A. 
Zankl, M. N. 
Zantzinger, C. C. 
Zantzinger, Mrs. C. C. 
Zieget, Julius 
Ziegler.J. Charles 
Ziegler, Katherine W. 
Zillessen, Clara M. 
Zimmerman, Anna W. 
Zimmerman, Mrs. John E. 
Zimmerman, William A. 
Zimmermann, R. Z. 
Zimmermann, William 
Zion, Harry F. 
Zirnkilton, F. X. 
Zulich, Sarah Swift 


Form of Bequest of Personalty 

I give and bequeath unto the Pennsylvania Museum of Art 

the sum of - ...dollars, 

free of all taxes. 


Form of Devise of Real Estate 

I give and devise unto the Pennsylvania Museum of Art ; 
that certain {here insert a description of the property) free of all taxes. 


Form of Subscription 

Enclosed please find cheque for 

Annual Member $10 a year 

Contributing Member $2j a year 

Sustaining Member $100 a year 

Associate $2jo a year 

Life Member $joo at one time 

Felloiv $1,000 at one time 

Patron $j,ooo or more 

Benefactor $2j,ooo or more 

The Museum Bulletin and notifications of special exhibitions and 

Museum events and School lectures may be sent to 



Gifts or bequests for either the Museum or the School should be